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{{Infobox multimeter
{{Infobox multimeter
| image          = [[File:UT372_front.jpg|180px]]
| image          = [[File:UT372_front.jpg|60px]]
| name            = UNI-T UT372
| name            = UNI-T UT372
| status          = in progress
| status          = in progress

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UT372 front.jpg
Status in progress
Connectivity USB
Website uni-trend.com

The UNI-T UT372 is a digital tachometer with USB connectivity.


The unit includes a built in laser pointer for aiming at a reflective target, and a tripod fitting to allow stable mounting.



The MCU transmits serial data to the CH9325 at 2400 baud. A packet is 27 bytes of ASCII data ending in CR, LF. The meaning of each part of the ASCII data is still to be decoded.