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The driver for Rigol oscilloscopes uses three different data sources:

  1. Live (default)
  2. Memory
  3. Segmented

Data as displayed on oscilloscope's screen

Rigol mso5000 displayed image.png


Data source Live reads out the data displayed on the oscilloscope's screen. The number of data points returned depends on the model and can be 600, 1000, 1200 or 1400, i.e. each horizontal div is represented e.g. for an MSO5000 by 1000 data points / 10 div = 100 data points. Rigol mso5000 data source live.png


Data source Memory reads out the whole memory of the oscilloscope. This allows zooming into the data, as it is possible on the oscilloscope. Rigol mso5000 data source memory.png


Rigol oscilloscopes sometimes offer to capture multiple frames, aka records. The segmented data source allows to read out these records. For MSO5000 with FW does not work properly. For the other devices I cannot judge it.