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We collect various captured logic analyzer signals / protocol dumps in the sigrok-dumps Git repository:

They can be useful for testing the sigrok command-line application, the sigrok GUIs, or the protocol decoders.



You can download released tarballs of the sigrok-dumps file collection.


Alternatively, you can also get the latest files from the Git repository:

$ git clone git://sigrok.org/sigrok-dumps


Unless otherwise noted, all dumps are released into the public domain by their respective authors.

Contributing dumps

We're happy to include further example data in our repository. Please send us .sr files of any interesting data/protocol you may come across (even if sigrok doesn't yet have a protocol decoder for that protocol).

The easiest method is to clone the sigrok-dumps repository (e.g. on GitHub) and ask us to pull from there (e.g. in IRC or on the mailing list). Alternatively, you can also send the files (and a README, see below) to the mailing list.

Please include the following items:

  • Protocol dumps in .sr format (the sigrok session format). Please do not send files in binary, VCD, CSV, or other formats.
  • A README file (example) which contains info such as:
    • Which logic analyzer hardware was used.
    • Which target device was being probed (include vendor, name, description, relevant URLs, and so on, if possible).
    • Which probes (number/name/color) were connected to which pins on the target device.
    • Which exact sigrok-cli command line was used to generate the dump (includes device, samplerate, triggers, probe assignment, and so on).
    • Any other relevant information about your setup, the device being probed, and so on.
  • If you want to release the files under a (freeish) license other than "public domain", please let us know about that.