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== Resources ==
== Resources ==
* [http://www.brymen.com.tw/product-html/software-download/ Brymen protocol description and software]
* [http://www.brymen.com.tw/product-html/software-download/ Brymen protocol description and software] (dead link?)
* [http://brymen.com/product-html/images/DownloadList/ProtocolList/BM860-BM860s_List/BM860-BM860s-500000-count-dual-display-DMMs-protocol.pdf BM860(s) protocol description] (as of 2019-06-10)
* [http://www.eevblog.com/forum/testgear/brymen-ir-connection-protocol-anyone-sniffed-it-yet/ Brymen raw IR protocol reverse engineering and home made cable] (EEVBlog forum)
* [http://www.eevblog.com/forum/testgear/brymen-ir-connection-protocol-anyone-sniffed-it-yet/ Brymen raw IR protocol reverse engineering and home made cable] (EEVBlog forum)

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Brymen BM869
Bm869 mugshot.png
Status supported
Source code brymen-bm86x
Counts 50000, 500000(DCV), 99999(Hz)
IEC 61010-1 CAT IV (1000V)
Connectivity Infrared (USB)
Measurements voltage, current, frequency, duty cycle, resistance, continuity, conductance, diode, capacitance, temperature
Features autorange, data hold, min/max/avg, crest, backlight, true-rms, dBm, %4-20mA, VFD
Website brymen.com

The Brymen BM869 is a 50000 counts (500000 DC), CAT IV (1000V) dual display handheld digital multimeter with USB connectivity.



Cable: The Brymen BC-86X cable is designed to be used with the Brymen BM867 and BM869. See Device_cables#Brymen_BU-86X.





The Brymen vendor describes the protocol in PDF documents which reside in the product's download section. There are instructions for both the USB (HID) communication as well as the layout of packets whose data bytes communicate measurement results. Individual bits represent LCD segments for digits including signs, and other indicators. Which is a common approach for other multimeter chipsets, too.

Several document names were observed over time (500000count-professional-dual-display-DMMs-protocol.pdf, BM860-BM860s-500000-count-dual-display-DMMs-protocol.pdf). Download links kept changing their paths. They either referenced PDF files directly or ZIP files which contained PDF files. Software installations could also contain protocol descriptions, or protocol documentation was available for individual download. It's probably best to just start at the vendor's site and manually navigate the download area.