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BG7TBL case.jpg
Status planned
Frequency (user) 138MHz-4.4GHz
Waveforms sine (fixed)
Amplitude ? V
Connectivity USB

The BG7TBL USB RF Signal Generator is a PC-based function generator. It has no external controls, requiring a USB connection to a computer.

Software to run this hardware can be found here

This device can be bought on ebay for ca $65. Search for "138MHz-4.4GHz". There is a version with the ADF4351 instead that will give you more range (35MHz-4.4GHz).




Baud 57600, 8n1

The protocol is binary serial based.

Query firmware

  • Send 0x8f+"v"

The answer should be in hex:

  • 77

Where the returned byte is the firmware version, 0x77 = 119.

Signal generator

Setting frequency

To set a frequency send:

  • 0x8f

Then f and then the frequency divided by 10 with leading zeroes. For example this is the payload for 400MHz.

  • 400 000 000 / 10
  • f040000000

Spectrum analyzer

The protocol is briefly described in the source code here: