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The AR488 is an Arduino based GPIB to serial port adaptor. The firmware runs on UNO (and thus Nano) as well as Mega boards. The PC sees a USB or RS232 attached COM port, transmit data is sent to the device, the device's response is seen as receive data. Out of band commands prefixed by ++ can control the adaptor's behaviour. The AR488 is accessible to interactive sessions in a terminal program, as well as can serve as a SCPI over serial "cable".


See the AR488-manual.pdf for schematics. Wires run from the Arduino board to the Centronics connector, no driver chips are involved. This keeps the component count small, the wiring simple, and the mechanical construction small (especially with Nano boards which can execute the Uno firmware).


The AR488 firmware passes the PC's transmit data to GPIB, and GPIB data to the PC. Commands start with the ++ prefix. Macros (both executed at runtime as well as at firmware start) are supported.

Use with sigrok:

  • Create a startup macro (built into the AR488 firmware, compile time option), specify "++addr N" and "++auto 1" and optionally "++read" (adjust the device address).
  • Specify SCPI over serial like so: sigrok-cli -d scpi-dmm:conn=/dev/ttyUSB0:serialcomm=115200/8n1 --scan