2018-04-05 Soeren ApelApply option changes immediately, not on decode stack...
2018-04-04 Soeren ApelAdd DecodeSignal and Session error logging
2018-04-03 Soeren ApelLogging: Make logging thread-safe
2018-04-01 Uwe Hermannview.cpp: Drop unneeded parenthesis.
2018-04-01 Uwe HermannFix build with -DENABLE_DECODE=n.
2018-04-01 Uwe HermannFix two clang-tidy warnings.
2018-04-01 Uwe HermannCMakeLists.txt: Set CMake policy CMP0054 to NEW.
2018-03-31 Uwe HermannCMakeLists.txt: Set CMake policy CMP0071 to NEW.
2018-03-31 Soeren ApelDecodeSignal: Re-create SRD session when changes are...
2018-03-31 Gerhard SittigDecodeSignal: Reset and re-use existing decoder sessions
2018-03-30 Uwe Hermannlogging: Minor consistency fixes.
2018-03-30 Uwe Hermannlogging: Use different color for srd log messages.
2018-03-30 Soeren ApelSession: Set "segment complete" flags when no frames...
2018-03-30 Soeren ApelReally fix #1125 (and maybe #1139)
2018-03-30 Uwe Hermannmanpage: Mention -s | --log-to-stdout option.
2018-03-30 Soeren ApelGlobalSettings: Announce settings changes to allow...
2018-03-30 Soeren ApelSettings: Change page list design
2018-03-30 Soeren ApelMain: Create human-readable stack trace and notify...
2018-03-30 Soeren ApelMain: Add missing --no-scan long option for -D
2018-03-30 Soeren ApelMain: Add -s option to allow logging to console as...
2018-03-30 Soeren ApelSignalHandler: Rename include guard
2018-03-30 Soeren ApelAdd logging mechanism
2018-03-29 Soeren ApelAdd boost::stacktrace support
2018-03-25 Uwe HermannCMakeLists.txt: Fix a build issue on MSYS2.
2018-03-25 Uwe HermannCMakeLists.txt: Only add Qt5PlatformSupport for Qt...
2018-03-23 Dan Horákfix catching polymorphic types by value
2018-03-18 Soeren ApelFix #1128 by showing firmware and PD search paths in...
2018-03-12 Soeren ApelApply changes suggested by clang-tidy
2018-03-12 Soeren ApelFix #1125 by adding a missing typecast
2018-03-12 Soeren ApelSignalBase: Speed up conversion and prevent leaving...
2018-03-06 Soeren ApelAdjust signal to changes made in 7f894d958
2018-03-06 Soeren ApelMainBar: Style fixes
2018-03-06 Wolfram SangFix #928 by catching errors if config_list() fails
2018-03-05 Soeren ApelFix #1132 by passing segment IDs, not segment instances
2018-03-03 Soeren ApelSession: Fix trigger handling
2018-02-23 Soeren ApelGlobalSettings: Remove unneeded include/using
2018-02-23 Soeren ApelSession: Add error messages
2018-02-21 Soeren ApelTiny whitespace fix
2018-02-10 Soeren ApelFix #1038 by catching invalid cursor ranges
2018-02-10 Uwe HermannMinGW: Fix a compile error due to a missing #include.
2018-02-10 Martin Errenstfix PulseView compilation with ENABLE_DECODE set to OFF
2018-02-10 Gerhard SittigMainBar: fixup file extension filter in "Import File...
2018-02-08 Soeren ApelFix #1089 by updating the signal labels and group labels
2018-02-08 CenkronRuler tick legends don't partly disappear when scrolled...
2018-02-07 Soeren ApelRework the callback mechanism for the global settings
2018-02-07 Soeren ApelView: Fully integrate the "zero trigger time" setting
2018-02-07 Soeren ApelSession/View: Save triggers in a list and use it
2018-02-07 Soeren ApelSession: Clean up header a little
2018-02-07 Soeren ApelAdjust unit tests
2018-02-07 CenkronChange the number of minor ticks to be either 4 or 5
2018-02-07 CenkronProvide a settings checkbox for showing zero at the...
2018-01-28 Gerhard SittigDecodeSignal: only pass non-zero sample rate to decoders
2018-01-26 Gerhard Sittigdoc: Update pulseview(1) manpage, add --no-scan option...
2018-01-26 Gerhard Sittigmain: introduce -D cmdline option, don't auto-scan...
2018-01-13 Cenkronwin32: Use -mwindows only for non-Debug targets.
2018-01-11 Gerhard SittigDecodeSignal: Void a session pointer after destroy...
2018-01-10 Gerhard Sittigmain.cpp: check log level range before using its value
2018-01-09 Soeren ApelFix unit tests
2018-01-09 Soeren ApelAdd segment display mode UI controls and some related...
2018-01-09 Soeren ApelAdd segment display mode icons
2018-01-09 Soeren ApelSession: Make get_segment_count() consider all segments
2018-01-09 Soeren ApelSupply the segment ID when adding samples to optimize...
2018-01-09 Soeren ApelAdd segment_id to all segment classes
2018-01-09 Soeren ApelLogicSegment: Don't use new/delete in get_unpacked_sample()
2018-01-09 Soeren ApelLogicSegment: Limit end in get_subsampled_edges() if...
2018-01-09 Soeren ApelSignalBase: Don't terminate conversion when there's...
2018-01-05 Soeren ApelImplement Trace::ShowLastCompleteSegmentOnly display...
2018-01-05 Soeren ApelDecodeSignal: Restructure metadata handling
2018-01-05 Soeren ApelSignalBase: Implement multi-segment conversion
2018-01-05 Soeren ApelFinalize segment decoding
2018-01-05 Soeren ApelView: Fixes related to multi-segment display
2018-01-05 Soeren ApelDecodeSignal: Mux all segments
2017-12-27 Soeren ApelPrepare multi-segment protocol decoding ability
2017-12-27 Soeren ApelDecodeSignal: Allow muxed logic data to be cached
2017-12-27 Soeren ApelDecodeSignal: Rename some items
2017-12-27 Soeren ApelBegin PD multisegment support
2017-12-27 Soeren ApelMove current_segment_ to Trace
2017-12-27 Soeren ApelFlesh out segment display mode handling
2017-12-27 Soeren ApelImplement segment display mode handling and update...
2017-12-27 Soeren ApelDon't set SR_CONF_LIMIT_FRAMES to 1
2017-12-17 probonopdMake it pass desktop-file-validate
2017-12-13 Soeren ApelDecodeSignal: Make sure bit IDs are always up-to-date
2017-11-18 Philipp MarekSession: Fix mismatched delete operator.
2017-11-18 Philipp Marek.gitignore: Don't care about the doxygen-generated...
2017-11-17 Philipp MarekSession: Fix mismatched delete operator.
2017-10-29 Soeren ApelRework new segment notification mechanism
2017-10-27 Soeren ApelAppend new segments to the end, not the beginning of...
2017-10-09 Soeren ApelSession: Query the device's sample rate when needed...
2017-09-23 Soeren ApelDecodeSignal: Remove outdated code and comment
2017-09-22 Soeren ApelSignalBase: Make sure PDs are restarted when conv optio...
2017-09-22 Soeren ApelTraceView: Properly handle the header resizing events
2017-09-22 Soeren ApelTraceView: Make header resize state determination reliable
2017-09-22 Soeren ApelView: Move comment to where it belongs
2017-09-22 Soeren ApelAdjust trace view header width when signal names change
2017-09-22 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Reset cached trace properties when decoder...
2017-09-22 Soeren ApelDecodeSignal: Break up annotation storage to allow...
2017-09-22 Soeren ApelImplement showing only the selected segment
2017-09-22 Soeren ApelAdd segment selector UI + helpers
2017-09-22 Uwe Hermannrowdata: Use emplace_back() for Annotation objects.
2017-09-08 Soeren ApelRename DecodeSignal::segment_ to logic_mux_segment_...