libsigrok  unreleased development snapshot
sigrok hardware access and backend library
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 libsigrok.hThe public libsigrok header file to be used by frontends
 proto.hHeader file containing API function prototypes
 version.hVersion number definitions and macros
 input.cInput module handling
 output.cOutput module handling
 transform.cTransform module handling
 analog.cHandling and converting analog data
 backend.cInitializing and shutting down libsigrok
 conversion.cConversion helper functions
 device.cDevice handling in libsigrok
 error.cError handling in libsigrok
 hwdriver.cHardware driver handling in libsigrok
 log.cControlling the libsigrok message logging functionality
 resource.cAccess to resource files
 serial.cSerial port handling
 session.cCreating, using, or destroying libsigrok sessions
 session_file.cLoading and saving libsigrok session files
 strutil.cHelper functions for handling or converting libsigrok-related strings
 trigger.cCreating, using, or destroying triggers
 version.cVersion number querying functions, definitions, and macros