libsigrok  unreleased development snapshot
sigrok hardware access and backend library
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Csr_channelInformation on single channel
 Csr_channel_groupStructure for groups of channels that have common properties
 Csr_configUsed for setting or getting value of a config item
 Csr_contextOpaque structure representing a libsigrok context
 Csr_datafeed_analogAnalog datafeed payload for type SR_DF_ANALOG
 Csr_datafeed_headerHeader of a sigrok data feed
 Csr_datafeed_logicLogic datafeed payload for type SR_DF_LOGIC
 Csr_datafeed_metaDatafeed payload for type SR_DF_META
 Csr_datafeed_packetPacket in a sigrok data feed
 Csr_dev_driverDevice driver data
 Csr_key_infoInformation about a key
 Csr_optionGeneric option struct used by various subsystems
 Csr_resourceResource descriptor
 Csr_serial_portSerial port descriptor
 Csr_sessionOpaque structure representing a libsigrok session
 Csr_triggerThe representation of a trigger, consisting of one or more stages containing one or more matches on a channel
 Csr_trigger_matchA channel to match and what to match it on
 Csr_trigger_stageA trigger stage