libsigrokcxx  0.4.0
C++ bindings for libsigrok
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAnalogPayload of a datafeed packet with analog data
 CCapabilityConfiguration capability
 CChannelA channel on a device
 CChannelGroupA group of channels on a device, which share some configuration
 CChannelTypeChannel type
 CConfigKeyConfiguration key
 CConfigurableAn object that can be configured
 CContextThe global libsigrok context
 CDataTypeConfiguration data type
 CDeviceA generic device, either hardware or virtual
 CDriverA hardware driver provided by the library
 CEnumValueBase class for objects which wrap an enumeration value from libsigrok
 CErrorException thrown when an error code is returned by any libsigrok call
 CHardwareDeviceA real hardware device, connected via a driver
 CHeaderPayload of a datafeed header packet
 CInputAn input instance (an input format applied to a file or stream)
 CInputDeviceA virtual device associated with an input
 CInputFormatAn input format supported by the library
 CLogicPayload of a datafeed packet with logic data
 CLogLevelLog verbosity level
 CMetaPayload of a datafeed metadata packet
 COptionAn option used by an output format
 COutputAn output instance (an output format applied to a device)
 COutputFlagFlag applied to output modules
 COutputFormatAn output format supported by the library
 CPacketA packet on the session datafeed
 CPacketPayloadAbstract base class for datafeed packet payloads
 CPacketTypeType of datafeed packet
 CQuantityMeasured quantity
 CQuantityFlagFlag applied to measured quantity
 CResourceReaderResource reader delegate
 CSessionA sigrok session
 CSessionDeviceA virtual device associated with a stored session
 CTriggerA trigger configuration
 CTriggerMatchA match condition in a trigger configuration
 CTriggerMatchTypeTrigger match type
 CTriggerStageA stage in a trigger configuration
 CUnitUnit of measurement
 CUserDeviceA virtual device, created by the user