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libsigrok is a shared library written in C, which provides the basic hardware access drivers for logic analyzers and other supported devices, as well as input/output file format support.

Getting the code

$ git clone git://

You can also browse the source code via gitweb.

Distribution packages

See Downloads.

Building from source

See Building.

Language bindings


There are experimental (still work in progress) Python bindings for libsigrok in git.

A few items that still need to be done:

  • probes (this needs the probe_groups branch to get merged in; Python bindings for that API is ready)
  • input/output formats
  • triggers
  • session load/save

collectd plugin

collectd graph

There is a plugin for the collectd system statistics collecting daemon.

See this blogpost or the collectd wiki page for details.

An example config file snippet for collectd and libsigrok usage could look e.g. like this:

LoadPlugin "sigrok"
<Plugin "sigrok">
   LogLevel 3
   <Device "Sound level">
       Driver "cem-dt-885x"
       conn "/dev/ttyUSB3"
       MinimumInterval 1
   <Device "Temperature">
       Driver "uni-t-ut32x"
       conn "1a86.e008"
       MinimumInterval 1