Bug 1550 - Bogus window / widget layout makes the UI unusable, crashy
Summary: Bogus window / widget layout makes the UI unusable, crashy
Alias: None
Product: PulseView
Classification: Unclassified
Component: UI (show other bugs)
Version: unreleased development snapshot
Hardware: x86 Linux
: Normal major
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: Nobody
Depends on:
Reported: 2020-05-30 00:00 CEST by Phil Hord
Modified: 2020-05-30 00:00 CEST (History)
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Saved session that crashes my PV (11.80 KB, application/x-compressed-tar)
2020-05-30 00:00 CEST, Phil Hord

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Description Phil Hord 2020-05-30 00:00:53 CEST
Created attachment 627 [details]
Saved session that crashes my PV

I'm not sure how I got into this mess. But at some point I saved this session file that now causes PV to break.  Weirdly I don't remember trying to save anything when it first crashed.  

When I load this session and try to manipulate the windows it displays, I find them unmovable and crashy. Sometimes (not always) the window is far wider than my very-wide displays, suggesting a window size/position problem.  In one case PV segfaulted. In another, the window showed some garbage briefly and then my laptop crashed/rebooted.

Using PulseView 0.5.0-git-8845be3

Libraries and features:
  PulseView 0.5.0-git-8845be3
  Qt 5.5.1
  glibmm 2.46.3
  Boost 1_58
  libsigrok 0.6.0-git-de4dc45/4:0:0 (rt: 0.6.0-git-de4dc45/4:0:0)
   - glib 2.48.2 (rt: 2.64.2/6402:2)
   - libzip 1.0.1
   - libserialport 0.1.1/1:0:1 (rt: 0.1.1/1:0:1)
   - libusb-1.0 API 0x01000104
   - hidapi 0.8.0-rc1
   - bluez 5.37
   - libftdi 1.2
   - Host x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, little-endian
   - SCPI backends TCP, RPC, serial, USBTMC
  libsigrokdecode 0.6.0-git-3d9e87a/4:0:0 (rt: 0.6.0-git-3d9e87a/4:0:0)
   - glib 2.48.2 (rt: 2.64.2/6402:2)
   - Python 3.5.2 / 0x30502f0 (API 1013, ABI 3)
   - Host x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, little-endian

Firmware search paths:

Protocol decoder search paths:

Supported hardware drivers:
  agilent-dmm          Agilent U12xx series DMMs
  appa-55ii            APPA 55II
  arachnid-labs-re-load-proArachnid Labs Re:load Pro
  asix-sigma           ASIX SIGMA/SIGMA2
  atten-pps3203        Atten PPS3203T-3S
  baylibre-acme        BayLibre ACME (Another Cute Measurement Equipment)
  bbcgm-2010           BBC Goertz Metrawatt M2110
  beaglelogic          BeagleLogic
  brymen-bm25x         Brymen BM25x
  brymen-bm857         Brymen BM857
  brymen-bm86x         Brymen BM86x
  cem-dt-885x          CEM DT-885x
  center-309           Center 309
  chronovu-la          ChronoVu LA8/LA16
  colead-slm           Colead SLM
  conrad-digi-35-cpu   Conrad DIGI 35 CPU
  demo                 Demo driver and pattern generator
  deree-de5000         DER EE DE-5000
  digitek-dt4000zc     Digitek DT4000ZC
  dreamsourcelab-dslogicDreamSourceLab DSLogic
  eevblog-121gw        EEVblog 121GW
  fluke-45             Fluke 45
  fluke-dmm            Fluke 18x/28x series DMMs
  ftdi-la              FTDI LA
  fx2lafw              fx2lafw (generic driver for FX2 based LAs)
  gmc-mh-1x-2x-rs232   Gossen Metrawatt Metrahit 1x/2x, RS232 interface
  gmc-mh-2x-bd232      Gossen Metrawatt Metrahit 2x, BD232/SI232-II interface
  gwinstek-gds-800     GW Instek GDS-800 series
  gwinstek-gpd         GW Instek GPD
  hameg-hmo            Hameg HMO
  hantek-4032l         Hantek 4032L
  hantek-6xxx          Hantek 6xxx
  hantek-dso           Hantek DSO
  hp-3457a             HP 3457A
  hpib-pps             HP-IB PPS
  hung-chang-dso-2100  Hung-Chang DSO-2100
  ikalogic-scanalogic2 IKALOGIC Scanalogic-2
  ikalogic-scanaplus   IKALOGIC ScanaPLUS
  ipdbg-la             IPDBG LA
  iso-tech-idm103n     ISO-TECH IDM103N
  kecheng-kc-330b      Kecheng KC-330B
  kern-ew-6200-2nm     KERN EW 6200-2NM
  korad-kaxxxxp        Korad KAxxxxP
  lascar-el-usb        Lascar EL-USB
  lecroy-logicstudio   LeCroy LogicStudio
  lecroy-xstream       LeCroy X-Stream
  manson-hcs-3xxx      Manson HCS-3xxx
  mastech-mas345       MASTECH MAS345
  mastech-ms2115b      MASTECH MS2115B
  mastech-ms5308       MASTECH MS5308
  mastech-ms6514       MASTECH MS6514
  mastech-ms8250b      MASTECH MS8250B
  mastech-ms8250d      MASTECH MS8250D
  maynuo-m97           maynuo M97/M98 series
  metex-m3640d         Metex M-3640D
  metex-m3860m         Metex M-3860M
  metex-m4650cr        Metex M-4650CR
  metex-me31           Metex ME-31
  metrix-mx56c         Metrix MX56C
  mic-98581            MIC 98581
  mic-98583            MIC 98583
  microchip-pickit2    Microchip PICkit2
  mooshimeter-dmm      Mooshimeter DMM
  motech-lps-301       Motech LPS-301
  norma-dmm            Norma DM9x0 DMMs
  ols                  Openbench Logic Sniffer & SUMP compatibles
  p-ols                Pipistrello OLS
  pce-322a             PCE PCE-322A
  pce-pce-dm32         PCE PCE-DM32
  peaktech-2165        PeakTech 2165
  peaktech-2170        PeakTech 2170
  peaktech-3330        PeakTech 3330
  peaktech-3410        PeakTech 3410
  peaktech-3415        PeakTech 3415
  peaktech-4370        PeakTech 4370
  peaktech-4390a       PeakTech 4390A
  radioshack-22-168    RadioShack 22-168
  radioshack-22-805    RadioShack 22-805
  radioshack-22-812    RadioShack 22-812
  rdtech-dps           RDTech DPS/DPH series power supply
  rigol-ds             Rigol DS
  rohde-schwarz-sme-0x Rohde&Schwarz SME-0x
  saleae-logic-pro     Saleae Logic Pro
  saleae-logic16       Saleae Logic16
  scpi-dmm             SCPI DMM
  scpi-pps             SCPI PPS
  siemens-b102x        Siemens B102x DMMs
  siglent-sds          Siglent SDS1000/SDS2000
  sparkfun-70c         SparkFun 70C
  sysclk-lwla          Sysclk LWLA series
  sysclk-sla5032       Sysclk SLA5032
  tecpel-dmm-8061      Tecpel DMM-8061
  tecpel-dmm-8061-ser  Tecpel DMM-8061 (UT-D02 cable)
  tekpower-tp4000ZC    TekPower TP4000ZC
  teleinfo             Teleinfo
  tenma-72-7730        Tenma 72-7730
  tenma-72-7730-ser    Tenma 72-7730 (UT-D02 cable)
  tenma-72-7732        Tenma 72-7732
  tenma-72-7732-ser    Tenma 72-7732 (UT-D02 cable)
  tenma-72-7745        Tenma 72-7745
  tenma-72-7745-ser    Tenma 72-7745 (UT-D02 cable)
  tenma-72-7750        Tenma 72-7750
  tenma-72-7750-ser    Tenma 72-7750 (UT-D02 cable)
  tenma-72-9380a       Tenma 72-9380A
  tenma-72-9380a-ser   Tenma 72-9380A (UT-D02 cable)
  testo                Testo
  tondaj-sl-814        Tondaj SL-814
  uni-t-ut32x          UNI-T UT32x
  uni-t-ut372          UNI-T UT372
  uni-t-ut60a          UNI-T UT60A
  uni-t-ut60a-ser      UNI-T UT60A (UT-D02 cable)
  uni-t-ut60e          UNI-T UT60E
  uni-t-ut60e-ser      UNI-T UT60E (UT-D02 cable)
  uni-t-ut60g          UNI-T UT60G
  uni-t-ut60g-ser      UNI-T UT60G (UT-D02 cable)
  uni-t-ut612          UNI-T UT612
  uni-t-ut61b          UNI-T UT61B
  uni-t-ut61b-ser      UNI-T UT61B (UT-D02 cable)
  uni-t-ut61c          UNI-T UT61C
  uni-t-ut61c-ser      UNI-T UT61C (UT-D02 cable)
  uni-t-ut61d          UNI-T UT61D
  uni-t-ut61d-ser      UNI-T UT61D (UT-D02 cable)
  uni-t-ut61e          UNI-T UT61E
  uni-t-ut61e-ser      UNI-T UT61E (UT-D02 cable)
  uni-t-ut71a          UNI-T UT71A
  uni-t-ut71a-ser      UNI-T UT71A (UT-D02 cable)
  uni-t-ut71b          UNI-T UT71B
  uni-t-ut71b-ser      UNI-T UT71B (UT-D02 cable)
  uni-t-ut71c          UNI-T UT71C
  uni-t-ut71c-ser      UNI-T UT71C (UT-D02 cable)
  uni-t-ut71d          UNI-T UT71D
  uni-t-ut71d-ser      UNI-T UT71D (UT-D02 cable)
  uni-t-ut71e          UNI-T UT71E
  uni-t-ut71e-ser      UNI-T UT71E (UT-D02 cable)
  uni-t-ut804          UNI-T UT804
  uni-t-ut804-ser      UNI-T UT804
  va-va18b             V&A VA18B
  va-va40b             V&A VA40B
  velleman-dvm4100     Velleman DVM4100
  victor-dmm           Victor Victor DMMs
  voltcraft-4080       Voltcraft 4080
  voltcraft-k204       Voltcraft K204
  voltcraft-m3650cr    Voltcraft M-3650CR
  voltcraft-m3650d     Voltcraft M-3650D
  voltcraft-m4650cr    Voltcraft M-4650CR
  voltcraft-me42       Voltcraft ME-42
  voltcraft-vc820      Voltcraft VC-820
  voltcraft-vc820-ser  Voltcraft VC-820 (UT-D02 cable)
  voltcraft-vc830      Voltcraft VC-830
  voltcraft-vc830-ser  Voltcraft VC-830 (UT-D02 cable)
  voltcraft-vc840      Voltcraft VC-840
  voltcraft-vc840-ser  Voltcraft VC-840 (UT-D02 cable)
  voltcraft-vc870      Voltcraft VC-870
  voltcraft-vc870-ser  Voltcraft VC-870 (UT-D02 cable)
  voltcraft-vc920      Voltcraft VC-920
  voltcraft-vc920-ser  Voltcraft VC-920 (UT-D02 cable)
  voltcraft-vc940      Voltcraft VC-940
  voltcraft-vc940-ser  Voltcraft VC-940 (UT-D02 cable)
  voltcraft-vc96       Voltcraft VC-96
  voltcraft-vc960      Voltcraft VC-960
  voltcraft-vc960-ser  Voltcraft VC-960 (UT-D02 cable)
  yokogawa-dlm         Yokogawa DL/DLM
  zeroplus-logic-cube  ZEROPLUS Logic Cube LAP-C series
  zketech-ebd-usb      ZKETECH EBD-USB

Supported input formats:
  binary               Raw binary logic data
  chronovu-la8         ChronoVu LA8/LA16 native file format data
  csv                  Comma-separated values
  logicport            Intronix LA1034 LogicPort project
  null                 Null input (discards all input)
  raw_analog           Raw analog data without header
  trace32_ad           Lauterbach Trace32 logic analyzer data
  vcd                  Value Change Dump data
  wav                  Microsoft WAV file format data

Supported output formats:
  analog               ASCII analog data values and units
  ascii                ASCII art logic data
  binary               Raw binary logic data
  bits                 0/1 digits logic data
  chronovu-la8         ChronoVu LA8 native file format data
  csv                  Comma-separated values
  hex                  Hexadecimal digits logic data
  null                 Null output (discards all data)
  ols                  OpenBench Logic Sniffer data
  srzip                srzip session file format data
  vcd                  Value Change Dump data
  wav                  Microsoft WAV file format data
  wavedrom             WaveDrom.com file format

Supported protocol decoders:
  ac97                 Audio Codec '97
  ad5626               Analog Devices AD5626
  ad79x0               Analog Devices AD79x0
  ade77xx              Analog Devices ADE77xx
  adf435x              Analog Devices ADF4350/1
  adns5020             Avago ADNS-5020
  adxl345              Analog Devices ADXL345
  am230x               Aosong AM230x/DHTxx/RHTxx
  amulet_ascii         Amulet LCD ASCII
  arm_etmv3            ARM Embedded Trace Macroblock v3
  arm_itm              ARM Instrumentation Trace Macroblock
  arm_tpiu             ARM Trace Port Interface Unit
  atsha204a            Microchip ATSHA204A
  aud                  Advanced User Debugger
  avr_isp              AVR In-System Programming
  avr_pdi              Atmel Program and Debug Interface
  can                  Controller Area Network
  cc1101               Texas Instruments CC1101
  cec                  HDMI-CEC
  cfp                  100 Gigabit C form-factor pluggable
  cjtag                Compact Joint Test Action Group (IEEE 1149.7)
  counter              Edge counter
  dali                 Digital Addressable Lighting Interface
  dcf77                DCF77 time protocol
  dmx512               Digital MultipleX 512
  ds1307               Dallas DS1307
  ds2408               Maxim DS2408
  ds243x               Maxim DS2432/3
  ds28ea00             Maxim DS28EA00 1-Wire digital thermometer
  dsi                  Digital Serial Interface
  edid                 Extended Display Identification Data
  eeprom24xx           24xx I²C EEPROM
  eeprom93xx           93xx Microwire EEPROM
  em4100               RFID EM4100
  em4305               RFID EM4205/EM4305
  enc28j60             Microchip ENC28J60
  flexray              FlexRay
  graycode             Gray code and rotary encoder
  guess_bitrate        Guess bitrate/baudrate
  hdcp                 HDCP over HDMI
  i2c                  Inter-Integrated Circuit
  i2cdemux             I²C demultiplexer
  i2cfilter            I²C filter
  i2s                  Integrated Interchip Sound
  ieee488              IEEE-488 GPIB/HPIB/IEC
  ir_nec               IR NEC
  ir_rc5               IR RC-5
  ir_rc6               IR RC-6
  jitter               Timing jitter calculation
  jtag                 Joint Test Action Group (IEEE 1149.1)
  jtag_ejtag           Joint Test Action Group / EJTAG (MIPS)
  jtag_stm32           Joint Test Action Group / ST STM32
  lin                  Local Interconnect Network
  lm75                 National LM75
  lpc                  Low Pin Count
  ltc242x              Linear Technology LTC242x
  ltc26x7              Linear Technology LTC26x7
  maple_bus            SEGA Maple bus
  max7219              Maxim MAX7219/MAX7221
  mcs48                Intel MCS-48
  mdio                 Management Data Input/Output
  microwire            Microwire
  midi                 Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  miller               Miller encoding
  mlx90614             Melexis MLX90614
  modbus               Modbus RTU over RS232/RS485
  morse                Morse code
  mrf24j40             Microchip MRF24J40
  mxc6225xu            MEMSIC MXC6225XU
  nes_gamepad          Nintendo Entertainment System gamepad
  nrf24l01             Nordic Semiconductor nRF24L01(+)
  nunchuk              Nintendo Wii Nunchuk
  onewire_link         1-Wire serial communication bus (link layer)
  onewire_network      1-Wire serial communication bus (network layer)
  ook                  On-off keying
  ook_oregon           Oregon Scientific
  ook_vis              On-off keying visualisation
  pan1321              Panasonic PAN1321
  parallel             Parallel sync bus
  pca9571              NXP PCA9571
  ps2                  PS/2
  pwm                  Pulse-width modulation
  qi                   Qi charger protocol
  rc_encode            Remote control encoder
  rfm12                HopeRF RFM12
  rgb_led_spi          RGB LED string decoder (SPI)
  rgb_led_ws281x       RGB LED string decoder (WS281x)
  rtc8564              Epson RTC-8564 JE/NB
  sda2506              Siemens SDA 2506-5
  sdcard_sd            Secure Digital card (SD mode)
  sdcard_spi           Secure Digital card (SPI mode)
  seven_segment        7-segment display
  signature            Signature analysis
  spdif                Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format
  spi                  Serial Peripheral Interface
  spiflash             SPI flash/EEPROM chips
  ssi32                Synchronous Serial Interface (32bit)
  st7735               Sitronix ST7735
  stepper_motor        Stepper motor position / speed
  swd                  Serial Wire Debug
  swim                 STM8 SWIM bus
  t55xx                RFID T55xx
  tca6408a             Texas Instruments TCA6408A
  tdm_audio            Time division multiplex audio
  timing               Timing calculation with frequency and averaging
  tlc5620              Texas Instruments TLC5620
  uart                 Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
  usb_packet           Universal Serial Bus (LS/FS) packet
  usb_power_delivery   USB Power Delivery
  usb_request          Universal Serial Bus (LS/FS) transaction/request
  usb_signalling       Universal Serial Bus (LS/FS) signalling
  wiegand              Wiegand interface
  x2444m               Xicor X2444M/P
  xfp                  10 Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable Module (XFP)
  z80                  Zilog Z80 CPU