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183 2 0 Protocol decoding minor Normal --- PD probes/options dialog needs a vertical scrollbar
538 2 0 Other normal Normal --- PV should save device configuration as well
547 2 0 Bindings: C++ normal Normal --- C++ Bindings fail to build: duplicate enum members
876 2 0 Protocol decoding critical Normal --- PV crashes when using PDv3 API decoders
933 2 0 Driver: rigol-ds blocker Normal --- Not Display waveform and data
1011 2 0 Driver: rigol-ds major Normal --- DS1054Z no waveform after pressing run, DS1054Z invalid data block header
1026 2 0 Output: csv normal Normal --- CSV output adds 'analog' output to top of file.
1284 2 0 Acquisition blocker Normal --- Segfaults on Mac OS X with at least fx2lafw, saleae-logic16, hantek-4032l, demo
1442 2 0 PD: dmx512 major Normal --- Decoder has trouble decoding valid DMX-512A data
1500 2 0 Input: csv normal Normal --- timestamp column is for information only, does not control consumption
1627 2 0 Other normal Normal --- macos 10.14.6 PulseView 0.5.0-git-4788af1
1649 2 0 UI normal Normal --- PV Save dialog does not close automatically
181 3 0 Protocol decoding blocker High PulseView 0.3.0 Various issues when running multiple PDs at the same time
292 3 0 PD: parallel normal Normal --- In a session containing a 0-255 count, the final value is not decoded.
674 3 0 Portability normal Normal --- libzip < 0.11 compatibility fix
902 3 0 Protocol decoding normal Normal --- Crashes with PDv3 decoders and multiple runs in PV
1773 3 0 Other normal Normal --- PV hangs on start when using el_GR.UTF-8 locale

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