libsigrok 0.2.1 released!

Hi everyone!

We're happy to announce the new libsigrok 0.2.1 release. This is mostly a bugfix release with a few additional new drivers to support more hardware. No major API changes were performed.

We added support for two new logic analyzers. One of them is the IKALOGIC Scanalogic-2, a 4-channel device with a max. samplerate of 20MHz. The driver was contributed by Marc Schink (thanks a lot!), who also wrote up some nice documentation about the USB HID based protocol in the wiki.

The other device we now support is also an IKALOGIC device (just a coincidence), namely the new ScanaPLUS, a 9-channel logic analyzer with a fixed samplerate of 100MHz, which compresses the captured data and streams it to the PC. This device uses an FPGA internally and an FTDI FT232H for data transfers. The protocol is thus not USB HID based like on the Scanalogic-2. We documented the ScanaPLUS USB protocol in the wiki too, if you want to have a look at the details.

We now also support two additional sound level meters, the CEM DT-8852 and the Kecheng KC-330B. Please check the previous blog post about these devices.

Finally, support for four new multimeters has been added, the UNI-T UT60A and UNI-T UT60E (thanks Florian Knodt!), the Voltcraft M-3650D (thanks Florian Steinhardt!) and the Voltcraft VC-830. They were all pretty easy to add to our generic 'serial-dmm' driver which can support a wide variety of serial-based DMMs with "simple" protocol.

Apart from that we added a few new config keys, config info types, and error codes. We also did the usual bunch of code cleanups, documentation improvements, and bugfixes. Please read the NEWS file for details.

You can download the libsigrok-0.2.1.tar.gz tarball from as usual.

Have fun!