libsigrok  0.4.0
sigrok hardware access and backend library
Serial port handling

Serial port handling functions. More...


void sr_serial_free (struct sr_serial_port *serial)
 Free a previously allocated sr_serial_port structure. More...
GSList * sr_serial_list (const struct sr_dev_driver *driver)
 List available serial devices. More...

Detailed Description

Serial port handling functions.

Function Documentation

void sr_serial_free ( struct sr_serial_port serial)

Free a previously allocated sr_serial_port structure.

serialThe sr_serial_port struct to free. Must not be NULL.

Definition at line 893 of file serial.c.

References sr_serial_port::description, and sr_serial_port::name.

GSList* sr_serial_list ( const struct sr_dev_driver driver)

List available serial devices.

A GSList of strings containing the path of the serial devices or NULL if no serial device is found. The returned list must be freed by the caller.

Definition at line 909 of file serial.c.