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PulseView on Fedora 19 with dark KDE color theme

sigrok is packaged as part of the official Fedora repositories.


To get PulseView and sigrok-cli, just use:

# yum install sigrok-cli pulseview

This will automatically pull in libsigrok and libsigrokdecode as a a dependency. Firmware is available in the sigrok-firmware-free (currently, nexus-osciprime) and sigrok-firmware-nonfree (currently, asix-sigma) packages.

Firmware for Cypress FX2-based devices is available in the sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw package.

Potential issues

GPSd claims USB-serial adapters

GPSd uses udev to detect when a USB-serial adapter is plugged in, then claims the tty interface while it probes for devices. This can take several minutes. During this time, trying to access the serial port as a regular user will fail with "Device or resource unavailable". You will not be able to use sigrok with the freshly plugged adapter while gpsd probes it. FT232 and PL2303 based adapters (and as many others) are affected by this.

If you do not use gpsd, then it is recommended to uninstall it:

# yum remove gpsd

For more information

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