Siglent SDS2000X series

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Siglent SDS2304X

The Siglent SDS2000X series of oscilloscopes supports samplerates of 2GSa/s, up to 4 analog channels with up to 300MHz bandwidth, and up to 16 logic channels with up to 500MSa/s.

See Siglent SDS2000X series/Info for more details (such as lsusb -v output) about the device.


The Siglent SDS2000X series oscilloscopes are capable of sampling up to 2GSa/s 140 Mpts/CH memory for the analog channels. Due to the fact that the 2 channels are shared, if both channels are on the sampling is limited to 1GSa/s and 70 Mpts/CH memory per channel. This is also true with the 4 channel devices. The analog channels have history memory where 80000 frames are stored and can be viewed via the scopes History function.

All devices have the logic analyzer and DDS arbitrary waveform generator built-in. Keep in mind that for the logic analyzer and waveform generator an extra software option must be purchased. For the logic analyzer an additional probe device (SPL2016) must also be purchased. The logic analyzer is capable 500 MSa/s with 140 Mpts/CH memory.

An extra software option to decode serial protocols is also available on all devices.

Model Bandwidth Analog channels Digital channels
SDS2304X 300MHz 4 16
SDS2302X 300MHz 2 16
SDS2204X 200MHz 4 16
SDS2202X 200MHz 2 16
SDS2104X 100MHz 4 16
SDS2102X 100MHz 2 16
SDS2074X 70MHz 4 16
SDS2072X 70MHz 2 16



All devices support USB (USBTMC) and LAN (VXI-11) by default, and are implementing the IEEE488.2 protocol.