Robomotic MiniLogic

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Robomotic MiniLogic
Robomotic minilogic.png
Status supported
Source code fx2lafw
Channels 8
Samplerate 24MHz
Samplerate (state)
Triggers none (SW-only)
Min/max voltage -0.5V — 5.25V
Threshold voltage Fixed: VIH=2.0V—5.25V, VIL=-0.5V—0.8V
Memory none
Compression none

The Robomotic MiniLogic is a USB-based, 8-channel logic analyzer with up to 24MHz sampling rate.

It is a clone of the Saleae Logic.

In sigrok, we use the open-source fx2lafw firmware for this logic analyzer.

See Robomotic MiniLogic/Info for more details (such as lsusb -vvv output) about the device.



See also this flickr set for more photos of the device.


Since we use the open-source fx2lafw firmware for this device, we don't need to know the protocol.