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In case a device can not be autodetected or connection to a specific device is required, is is possible to specify the connection explicitly as an driver option, using the "<driver-name>:conn=<connection>" syntax.

Digital Multimeters

Most multimeters use a serial connection. The corresponding device cables either povide an RS232 connection or an USB connection using an serial to USB-CDC or serial to USB-HID converter chip, see Serial port. Some devices are available with different data cables. RS232 and USB-CDC (Virtual Com Port, VCP) cables use a common driver, USB HID cables need a seperate one. If a device has two drivers, the one for RS232/VCP is typically suffixed with "-ser"

RS232 / Virtual Com Port


<device-path> is an absolute path to the wanted device, e.g. /dev/ttyUSB1 or /dev/ttyACM0.

$ sigrok-cli --driver=uni-t-ut61e-ser:conn=/dev/ttyUSB0 -O analog

USB HID connections


<vendor-id> and <product-id> have to be specifid as 4 hexadecimal digits.


<bus-nr> is an integer betwenn 1 and 255, <device-address> is an integer between 1 and 127. The device address changes every time a device is reconnected. Bus number and device address can e.g. be found using lsusb.

$ sigrok-cli --driver=uni-t-ut61e:conn=1a86.e008 -O analog
$ sigrok-cli --driver=uni-t-ut61e:conn=2.12 -O analog

Devices using SCPI

SCPI has several backends. For all backends but serial the backend name is the first parameter, followed by one or more backend specific parameters.

Serial / Virtual Com Port

Same syntax as for DMMs with serial connection.


$ sigrok-cli --driver=hameg-hmo:conn=/dev/ttyACM0 -O analog --frames 1


Similar syntax as for DMMs with USB HID datacables.



$ sigrok-cli --driver=hameg-hmo:conn=usbtmc/0aad.0119 -O analog --frames 1



$ sigrok-cli --driver=hameg-hmo:conn=tcp-raw/ -O analog --frames 1


For GPIB devices connected via linux-gpib, use the libgpib prefix, followed by the device name as defined in your gpib.conf file.

$ sigrok-cli --driver=scpi-pps:conn=libgpib/pm2813 -O analog --samples 1


Devices using a VXI-based network connection can be specified with the vxi prefix, followed by the hostname (or IP address). Optionally, the instrument name can be added with another / and the name; this defaults to inst0.

$ sigrok-cli --driver=scpi-pps:conn=vxi/labps -O analog --samples 1

Vendor specific protocols

Most (all?) devices using a vendor specific protocol use either RS232 or a USB-to-serial converter, thus the connection string is the same as for DMMs with serial connection.