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This page is a draft for internal review. If you've found your way here, please disregard it for now.

We're happy to see that manufacturers and resellers are now recognising sigrok compatibility as a selling point.

If you want to advertise that your product can be used with sigrok, we have some rules you should follow:


1. Your device must be fully supported in the current git master version of libsigrok. Any other version, patch or branch is not sufficient. It may work for you, but we need to make sure that it fully complies with our internal APIs, licensing rules and other requirements, so that we can continue to support it in future. Once a driver is accepted into the master branch, users know that it will be kept up to date in future releases.

2. The protocols used by your device must be publicly documented. This can be through your own protocol documentation, or information added to the sigrok wiki - as long as it is complete and accurate. If the source code to your device firmware is public (even if not under an open source license), that is also sufficient. Driver code alone is not sufficient. Others may need to reimplement support for your device in the future, and they need to know why the driver does what it does, and whether they can do things differently.

3. You must not imply any endorsement of your product by us. The sigrok project does not approve, recommend or guarantee equipment. Support for a given device in libsigrok doesn't mean we think it's any good.

If you follow these rules, then you can use the Works with sigrok logo on your product or advertising materials:

This is a derived version of the sigrok logo specifically for advertising compatible products. Please do not use the normal sigrok logo, which is intended for things developed by the sigrok project.

As a user, if you see this logo, you should take it as a statement by the manufacturer or seller that the product meets the guidelines above.