2014-01-11 Marcus Comstedtsigrok-fwextract-saleae-logic16: Support vendor SW...
2014-01-10 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-android: Add/use $VER_GLIB.
2014-01-05 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Bring back accidentally dropped...
2014-01-05 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Also ship zadig.exe and zadig_xp...
2014-01-05 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: README: Add some more requirements.
2014-01-05 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Add -DENABLE_COTIRE=y for faster...
2014-01-05 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Add an option for parallel compiles.
2014-01-05 Uwe HermannREADME: Update, add missing items, drop uneeded ones.
2014-01-05 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Get libusb0.dll from libusb-win32.
2014-01-03 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-android: Initial support for MIPS/x86...
2014-01-03 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Update for recent LOG_PREFIX changes.
2014-01-03 Marcus Comstedtsigrok-cross-android: Switch to libusbx for libusb-1.0
2014-01-03 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Use a fake python3.pc.
2014-01-01 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Enable decoder support (works on...
2014-01-01 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Ship/use all our firmware files.
2014-01-01 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Fix firmware/decoder dir locations.
2014-01-01 Uwe HermannRename pulseview.patch to pulseview_linkfix.patch.
2013-12-27 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-android: Drop $TOP usage for now.
2013-12-27 Uwe HermannRevert "sigrok-cross-mingw: Build libusbx."
2013-12-27 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-android: Add missing $VER_PYTHON.
2013-12-22 Martin LingMark cross-compile scripts as working, since they are.
2013-12-22 Martin Lingsigrok-cross-android: Parameterize python version.
2013-12-22 Martin Lingsigrok-cross-mingw: Abort on error.
2013-12-22 Martin Lingsigrok-cross-mingw: Build libusbx.
2013-12-22 Martin LingUse patch instead of sed to apply hack to pulseview...
2013-12-07 Uwe HermannFix libftdi build.
2013-12-07 Martin LingPass home directory to makensis.
2013-12-07 Martin Lingsigrok-cross-android: Build libserialport.
2013-12-07 Martin Lingsigrok-cross-android: Build libsigrokdecode and sigrok...
2013-12-07 Martin LingCross-compile Python for Android.
2013-12-07 Martin LingUse latest glib.
2013-12-01 Aurelien Jacobscheck the return value of git clone instead of its...
2013-11-15 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Build and use libserialport.
2013-11-15 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Drop code for currently unmaintaine...
2013-11-11 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Update for probe groups changes.
2013-10-15 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Update to match new PV CMakeLists...
2013-09-04 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Set drivers to $HW_ENABLED_DEFAULT initially.
2013-09-04 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Update PulseView link workaround.
2013-08-30 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-android: libsigrok: Drop --disable-alsa.
2013-08-30 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-android: libsigrok: Drop LDFLAGS/CPPFLAGS.
2013-08-30 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-android: Bump gettext/pcre/libffi/libzip...
2013-08-30 Marcus Comstedtsigrok-cross-android: Build libusb-1.0
2013-08-30 Marcus Comstedtsigrok-cross-android: Set PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR globally
2013-08-30 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Installers (NSIS) for sigrok-cli...
2013-08-30 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Workaround for MXE/mingw Pulseview...
2013-08-30 Uwe Hermannmingw README: Mention libusb1 MXE package.
2013-08-21 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Drop libusb-1.0 build, now in MXE.
2013-08-16 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-android: Add PKG_CONFIG_PATH for glib.
2013-08-16 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-android: Silence unzip.
2013-08-15 Marcus Comstedtsigrok-cross-android: Build libsigrok
2013-08-15 Marcus Comstedtsigrok-cross-android: Fix glib build
2013-08-15 Marcus Comstedtsigrok-cross-android: Fix gettext build
2013-08-15 Marcus Comstedtsigrok-cross-android: Fix iconv build
2013-08-15 Marcus Comstedtsigrok-cross-android: Avoid building C++ libraries
2013-08-15 Marcus Comstedtsigrok-cross-android: Ignore build products
2013-08-15 Marcus Comstedtsigrok-cross-android: Update zlib version
2013-08-15 Marcus Comstedtsigrok-cross-android: Stop on errors
2013-08-08 Uwe Hermannfirmware tools: Cosmetics, whitespace.
2013-08-08 Marcus Comstedtsigrok-fwextract-saleae-logic16: Add extraction of...
2013-08-06 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Shorten dev_list().
2013-08-05 Uwe Hermannsigrok-fwextract-hantek-dso: Add manpage.
2013-08-05 Uwe Hermannsigrok-fwextract-saleae-logic16: Add manpage.
2013-08-05 Uwe HermannMove/rename firmware extractor tools.
2013-08-05 Uwe HermannREADME.saleae-logic16-extract: Fix typo.
2013-08-05 Marcus Comstedtadd saleae-logic16-extract tool.
2013-06-07 Bert VermeulenUse new std_init() naming
2013-05-08 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Print driver "short" name in configure...
2013-05-08 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Cosmetics.
2013-05-03 Bert Vermeulennew-driver: Update templates to new API
2013-04-26 Uwe HermannREADME: Add "Copyright and license" section.
2013-04-23 Uwe HermannGPL headers: Use correct project name.
2013-04-23 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Use VERBOSE=1 for PulseView.
2013-04-22 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-android: Add and build zlib.
2013-04-22 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-android: Add and build pcre.
2013-04-22 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Use -DDISABLE_WERROR=y for PulseView.
2013-04-19 Uwe Hermannsigrok-cross-mingw: Drop --disable-alsa, --disable...
2013-04-02 Bert VermeulenRevert "hantek-dso-extract: use 2xxx or 5xxx for firmwa...
2013-03-17 Uwe HermannREADME: Refer to the new Building wiki page.
2013-01-30 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: *.c: Only #include protocol.h.
2013-01-30 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Update to latest API changes.
2013-01-20 Uwe Hermannsr_hw_info() shouldn't log invalid requests.
2013-01-20 Uwe HermannAdd Windows/MinGW cross-compile helper script.
2013-01-19 Uwe HermannAdd Android cross-compile helper script.
2012-12-30 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: hw_init() now takes a context.
2012-12-01 Bert Vermeulenhw_dev_acquisition_stop no longer takes a const sdi
2012-11-02 Bert Vermeulendon't assume the driver has been initialized when clean...
2012-11-02 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Return SR_ERR_MALLOC upon mem errors.
2012-10-27 Bert Vermeulenproperly link in the new driver lib
2012-10-24 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Add missing "${lib}_" in api.c.
2012-10-24 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Logging helper fixes.
2012-10-24 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Cosmetic change for ./configure --help.
2012-10-24 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Use new SR_ERR etc. macros.
2012-10-24 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Add logging helpers to protocol.h.
2012-10-24 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Add more logging.
2012-10-24 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Whitespace and cosmetics.
2012-10-24 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Fix #include guard naming.
2012-10-24 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Standardize on more readable .la filenames.
2012-10-23 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Use new per-project names in headers.
2012-10-23 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Drop config.h #includes.
2012-10-23 Uwe Hermannnew-driver: Cosmetics, whitespace, add comments.