2018-05-03 Aleksander... Add an Adesto AT45DB161E dump.
2018-04-08 Aleksander... Add two SSD1306 dumps.
2018-04-05 steversigAdd some Maplin L95AR (PT2262 remote control encoder...
2018-03-07 Uwe HermannAdd nonstandard_eeproms/sda2506/* files.
2018-02-13 Gerhard Sittigi2c: manipulate recording to not specify a sample rate
2018-02-13 Gerhard Sittiggraycode: create smaller recording without sample rate...
2018-02-11 Gerhard Sittigstepper_motor: manipulate recording to not specify...
2018-02-11 Gerhard Sittigi2s: create smaller recording without sample rate spec
2018-01-26 Uwe Hermannuart: Add some flow control (RTS#) examples.
2018-01-25 Uwe Hermannrealtek_alc655: Add an even shorter snippet.
2018-01-05 Gerhard Sittighd44780: commit a dump for the Hitachi HD44780 display...
2017-12-10 Gerhard Sittigusb: Add capture for serial-over-HID with CP2110 to...
2017-12-09 Marcus Comstedtmaple_bus: Add a sample capture of Maple bus
2017-10-19 Kevin Redononewire: Add a DS2432 dump.
2017-09-24 Christoph Rackwitzmorse: demodulated synthetic Wikipedia signal
2017-09-18 Christoph Rackwitzgraycode: examples
2017-09-03 Uwe Hermannac97: Add a dump from a Realtek ALC655.
2017-08-10 Uwe HermannAdd a square wave digital + analog capture.
2017-07-25 Joel HoldsworthAdded
2017-07-22 Simon SchubertAdd USB SETUP with STALL during DATA phase dump.
2017-06-13 Uwe HermannAdd an Atmel AT24C16C dump (DreamSourceLab DSLogic).
2017-06-02 Uwe HermannAdd a few more Aosong AM2302 dumps.
2017-06-02 Uwe Hermannrding_temper: Extract a smaller snippet file.
2017-06-02 Uwe HermannAdd some more Epson 8564JE RTC dumps.
2017-06-02 Uwe HermannAdd an ATC 93LC56 Microwire EEPROM dump.
2017-06-02 Uwe HermannAdd a Microchip 93LC56B Microwire EEPROM dump.
2017-06-02 Uwe Hermanndemo: Add dump with logic and analog samples.
2017-05-27 Uwe HermannAdd some 24-LED NeoPixel (WS2812B) dumps.
2017-05-27 Uwe HermannAdd some Analog Devices AD5258 digital potentiometer...
2017-05-26 Uwe Hermanneeprom24xx: Add an ATtiny13 I²C example dump.
2017-05-10 Uwe Hermannade7758: README: Rearrangements and consistency fixes.
2017-05-10 Karl Palssonspi/ade7758: examples without CS pin
2017-05-06 Wolfram SangFirst dump: proof CMD23 before CMD18. Other dumps will...
2017-05-06 Kevin RedonAdd an ST M93C66 Microwire EEPROM dump.
2017-05-02 Karl Palssoni2c/sensiron_sht2x: extra dump with more detail.
2017-04-22 Uwe HermannAdd more Sainsmart DDS120 dumps, including analog traces.
2017-04-12 Uwe HermannAdd missing file.
2017-04-09 Uwe HermannAdd a Microchip 24LC64 dump (Rocktech BM102).
2017-04-09 Uwe HermannAdd a Microchip 24LC64 dump (SainSmart DDS140).
2017-04-09 Uwe HermannAdd a Microchip 24LC64 dump (SainSmart DDS120).
2017-04-09 Uwe HermannAdd a Microchip 24LC64 dump (Instrustar ISDS205X, scope...
2017-04-09 Uwe HermannAdd a Microchip 24LC64 dump (Instrustar ISDS205A).
2017-04-09 Uwe HermannAdd a Microchip 24LC02B dump (Hantek 6022BL, scope...
2017-04-09 Uwe HermannAdd a Microchip 24LC02B dump (Hantek 6022BL, LA mode).
2017-04-09 Uwe HermannAdd a Microchip 24LC02B dump (Instrustar ISDS205X,...
2017-04-09 Uwe HermannAdd a Microchip 24LC02B dump (Hantek 6022BE).
2017-04-06 King Kévinadd 1-Wire example using Dallas DS18B20 devices
2017-03-28 Uwe HermannAdd an example Sensirion SHT3x dump.
2017-03-28 Uwe HermannAdd an example Sensirion SHT2x dump.
2017-03-28 Uwe HermannAdd an example Sensirion SHT7x dump.
2017-03-28 fenugreceeprom_24xx: add sample Xicor X24C02 capture
2017-03-28 Balint KovacsFixed a typo in a uart/from_analog/README
2017-03-23 Balint KovacsAdded an oddball UART trace, taken with an analog oscil...
2017-03-15 Jeremy SwansonAdd a DALI example.
2017-03-15 Jeremy SwansonAdd a DSI example.
2017-02-26 Piotr Esden... Added a capture of config and 4pin output of a MAX7301.
2017-02-13 Marcus Comstedtgpib: Add a sample capture of serial GPIB (IEC Bus)
2017-02-13 Joel HoldsworthAdded ADF4351 captures
2017-01-07 Gerhard Sittiglicense: remove FSF postal address from boiler plate...
2016-12-26 Gerhard Sittigavr_pdi: add dumps for ATxmega flash programming (PDI)
2016-11-07 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Add Macronix MX25L1605D single-command dumps.
2016-11-07 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Add FIDELIX FM25Q32 single-command dumps.
2016-11-07 bvernouxspiflash: Add DualSPI flash dump during a write in...
2016-11-07 bvernouxspiflash: Add QuadSPI flash example/dump.
2016-11-04 Uwe Hermannps2: Add an initial PS/2 keyboard dump.
2016-10-23 Uwe Hermannspi: Add some dumps with various bitwidths.
2016-10-23 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Add some Fidelix FM25Q32 dumps.
2016-10-23 Gerhard Sittiguart: add dump files to demonstrate number of data...
2016-10-12 Uwe Hermanngpib: Add an example capture file.
2016-09-24 Uwe Hermannuart: Add a dump file demonstrating overlapping RX/TX.
2016-09-24 Chrismidi: Add some more dump files.
2016-08-23 Oleksij Rempelspi/ssi32: add README with setup description
2016-08-23 Chris DreherAdd some more MIDI dumps.
2016-08-22 Oleksij RempelAdd some ssi32 samples
2016-07-06 Uwe HermannAdd a few DMX512 dumps.
2016-06-26 Uwe HermannAdd an example file of SPI flash dual I/O reads.
2016-05-11 Sean BurfordAdd wiegand/36bit dump.
2016-05-04 Elias OenalMDIO samples for Clause 22 and Clause 45.
2016-03-20 fenugrecAdded Renesas/Hitachi AUD Branch Trace dump
2016-03-04 Uwe Hermannws281x: Add smaller snippet file.
2016-02-06 Benjamin LarssonAdd t55xx write files
2015-12-25 Uwe Hermannuart/hello_world: Shorten the files a bit.
2015-12-21 Uwe HermannAdd a few simple analog waveforms (WAV format).
2015-12-21 Uwe HermannAdd exported files from an Agilent MSO7034A.
2015-12-21 Uwe HermannMove 1mhz_clock/ into misc/.
2015-12-21 Uwe HermannMove demo/ into misc/.
2015-12-21 Uwe HermannAdd SPI flash example exports from various vendor software.
2015-12-21 Soeren ApelAdd some Lauterbach Trace32 logic analyzer demo files
2015-12-19 Uwe Hermannrfid: Add some EM4100, EM4102 and FK4100 dumps.
2015-12-19 Benjamin LarssonAdd a RFID EM4100 signal dump
2015-12-17 Uwe Hermannusb/setup: Fix a typo in the README.
2015-12-02 Uwe Hermannspi/allmodes: Add dumps with various SPI settings.
2015-11-23 Uwe HermannAdd two UT-D04 USB/HID cable dumps (Voltcraft VC-820...
2015-11-21 Uwe Hermannusb_power_delivery: Fix minor typos, whitespace.
2015-11-21 Vincent Palatinusb_power_delivery: Add USB PD dumps
2015-11-12 Paul "LeoNerd... A dumpfile talking SPI to a MAX7219 chip
2015-10-16 Andrew Soknackiqi: Add dump for GPMQ8005A transmitter.
2015-10-13 Stefan Brünsusb_reset_and_setup_lowspeed: USB lowspeed mouse plugin...
2015-09-03 Andrew DoddAdd dumps for Sony E-mount lens protocol
2015-09-03 Uwe Hermannkern_ew_6200-2nm: A a few sample dumps.