decode: Optionally print annotation class with PD annotations
[sigrok-cli.git] / show.c
2022-02-06 Gerhard Sittigshow: use getter result to determine "current" presence...
2021-08-15 Frank Stettnershow: Format channel output when no channel is available
2021-02-24 Uwe Hermannshow: Only use decoder tags if they're available.
2020-08-03 Gerhard Sittigaccept multiple --config requests for multiple channel...
2020-08-03 Gerhard Sittigdevice: rename channel group lookup routine
2020-05-23 Gerhard Sittigshow: do print floating point results even if value...
2020-05-23 Gerhard Sittigshow: mark currently selected samplerate item in sample...
2020-04-11 Andreas Sandbergscan: Show serial number if available
2019-06-20 Uwe Hermann--list-serial: Reduce indentation level.
2019-06-05 Gerhard Sittigshow: support array of floats, unbreaks LCR output...
2019-06-04 Uwe Hermann--list-serial: Also mention HID/BT/BLE as possible...
2019-06-04 Gerhard Sittigshow: print list of available serial ports
2019-03-29 Uwe HermannAdd --list-supported-wiki option.
2019-03-15 Uwe HermannDecoder --show output: List decoder tags.
2019-01-29 Guido TrentalanciaFix listing of some configuration options.
2017-06-08 Uwe HermannFix various clang warnings. sigrok-cli-unreleased
2017-06-06 Uwe HermannFix build when using --without-libsigrokdecode.
2017-06-03 Uwe Hermann--list-supported: Show detailed library/feature info.
2017-06-03 Uwe HermannList supported devices, modules, decoders via --list...
2017-05-31 Uwe Hermannshow: Also print the possible decoder input/output...
2017-03-07 Soeren ApelUpdate sr_period_string usage
2017-02-20 Karl PalssonSupport multiple protocol decoder stacks
2016-10-16 Gerhard Sittigshow: print binary classes as well in protocol decoder...
2015-12-31 Uwe HermannUpdate API calls due to recent libsigrok renames.
2015-11-03 Martin LingUpdate for configuration API changes.
2015-09-13 Daniel ElstnerBuild: Include <config.h> first in all source files
2015-09-12 Uwe HermannUse PRIu64 instead of %ld for uint64_t printing.
2015-09-10 Daniel ElstnerBuild: Adopt modernized Autotools build system
2015-08-31 Bert VermeulenSupport SR_T_MQ.
2015-08-23 Bert VermeulenSupport SR_T_MQLIST.
2015-08-23 Bert VermeulenUse new sr_key_info instead of sr_config_info.
2015-04-07 Uwe HermannUpdate due to sr_driver_list() now taking a context.
2015-03-26 Uwe HermannVarious #include file cosmetic fixes.
2015-03-21 Uwe HermannMinor cosmetics, whitespace- and consistency fixes.
2015-02-12 Aurelien Jacobsshow: pass NULL parameter to config_key_has_cap() inste...
2015-02-10 Uwe HermannAdd -T|--transform-module and show transform modules...
2014-11-18 Bert VermeulenAlways check config key capabilities before using them.
2014-11-17 Bert VermeulenCheck for config key availability before using it.
2014-11-11 Uwe HermannUse getters now that 'struct sr_dev_inst' is opaque.
2014-10-27 Bert VermeulenShow driver detail even if no device was found.
2014-10-27 Bert Vermeulenshow: Handle more datatypes in a generic way.
2014-10-19 Bert VermeulenFix memory leak.
2014-09-23 Bert VermeulenMake sure to treat all config keys as uint32_t.
2014-09-17 Bert VermeulenAdapt to config key capabilities.
2014-09-07 Bert VermeulenAdd missing --show pretty-printers.
2014-08-28 Bert VermeulenUse new input API.
2014-08-18 Bert VermeulenFix output module enumeration + code cleanup.
2014-08-15 Bert VermeulenEnumerate output module options according to API change.
2014-08-02 Bert VermeulenBetter output module checking.
2014-08-01 Bert VermeulenShow PD annotation row members by name, not number.
2014-07-25 Bert VermeulenUse finished output API.
2014-07-24 Bert VermeulenFree results of device scan as soon as possible.
2014-07-15 Jens SteinhauserRemove unnecessary extern option variable declarations.
2014-06-03 Aurelien Jacobsfix a potential use of uninitialized variable
2014-05-27 Bert VermeulenUse new trigger API.
2014-05-06 Uwe HermannAdapt to SR_T_CHAR -> SR_T_STRING rename.
2014-04-26 Bert VermeulenFix compile without decoding support.
2014-04-20 Bert VermeulenUse new output module API wrappers.
2014-04-14 Uwe HermannRename 'probe' to 'channel' (libsigrokdecode change).
2014-03-25 Uwe HermannRename 'probe' to 'channel' in most places.
2014-03-25 Uwe HermannRename 'probe group' to 'channel group' everywhere.
2014-03-20 Bert VermeulenAdd support for setting double ranges.
2014-03-13 Bert Vermeulendecode: Show possible values for decoder options.
2014-03-13 Bert VermeulenSort probes by index.
2014-03-11 Bert Vermeulenshow: Sort ALL the things.
2014-01-31 Uwe Hermannshow: Cosmetics and consistency fixes.
2014-01-31 Uwe Hermannshow: Add support for showing PD annotation rows.
2014-01-28 Uwe HermannFix more warnings when building without libsigrokdecode.
2014-01-19 Bert VermeulenDon't use SR_CONF_MAX_UNCOMPRESSED_SAMPLES.
2014-01-12 Bert VermeulenRemove special handling of pattern mode options.
2013-11-19 Uwe HermannFix a bunch of compiler warnings.
2013-11-17 Bert VermeulenRefactor main source into separate files