show: Format channel output when no channel is available
[sigrok-cli.git] / decode.c
2020-08-03 Gerhard Sittigparsers: extend options parser, support optional ID...
2020-07-25 Gerhard Sittigdecode: shuffle order of JSON trace fields for readability
2020-07-25 Gerhard Sittigdecode: concentrate JSON formatting in a single location
2020-07-25 Gerhard Sittigdecode: add support for Google Trace Event output ...
2020-07-25 Gerhard Sittigdecode: start collecting internal state (samplerate)
2020-04-11 Wolfram Sangdecode: add sanity check when mapping channels
2019-05-09 Gerhard Sittigdecode: accept annotation rows for -A specs
2019-05-09 Gerhard Sittigdecode: rephrase logic which looks up -A specs
2019-04-20 Gerhard Sittigdecode: nits, whitespace and line length fix
2019-04-20 Gerhard Sittigdecode: improve readability, use intermediate variables
2019-04-20 Gerhard Sittigdecode: fix memory leaks in annotation setup error...
2018-12-01 Gerhard Sittigdecode: stricter check for integer decoder options
2018-12-01 Gerhard Sittigdecode: add support for float option data type
2017-08-01 Gerhard Sittigdecode: Always print colon after protocol decoder ID
2017-07-31 Gerhard Sittigdecode: Optionally print sample numbers with protocol...
2017-07-31 Gerhard Sittigdecode: Rework logic for text output of protocol decode...
2017-07-31 Gerhard Sittigdecode: Prepare to rework text output for protocol...
2017-07-31 Gerhard Sittigdecode: Nit, avoid 'class' identifier for local variable
2017-02-20 Karl PalssonShow annotations based on decoder ID
2017-02-20 Karl Palssonvalgrind: Clear more unfreed memory issues
2017-02-20 Karl PalssonInclude decoder instance ID in normal outputs
2017-02-20 Karl PalssonSupport multiple protocol decoder stacks
2017-02-20 Karl PalssonDrop -S stack option
2015-09-13 Daniel ElstnerBuild: Include <config.h> first in all source files
2015-08-20 Uwe HermannPass unitsize to srd_session_send() directly.
2015-03-26 Uwe HermannDon't check g_free() arguments for NULL.
2015-03-26 Uwe HermannVarious #include file cosmetic fixes.
2015-03-21 Uwe HermannMinor cosmetics, whitespace- and consistency fixes.
2014-11-11 Uwe HermannUse getters now that 'struct sr_dev_inst' is opaque.
2014-09-15 Uwe HermannReplace ann_format with ann_class.
2014-07-15 Jens SteinhauserRemove unnecessary extern option variable declarations.
2014-07-09 Bert VermeulenAdd some missing headers.
2014-06-20 Bert VermeulenCheck srd_decoder_get_by_id() output.
2014-04-14 Uwe HermannRename 'probe' to 'channel' (libsigrokdecode change).
2014-03-25 Uwe HermannRename 'probe' to 'channel' in most places.
2014-03-13 Bert Vermeulendecode: Allow for specifying multiple annotations.
2014-03-10 Bert VermeulenDon't try to set up probes for stacked protocol decoders.
2014-02-24 Bert Vermeulendecode: Remove debug output.
2014-02-21 Daniel Elstnerdecode: Defer probe setup until after the input probes...
2014-02-20 Daniel ElstnerPass new unit_size argument to srd_inst_probe_set_all()
2014-01-09 Bert VermeulenBinary output type now contains [name, description]
2013-12-01 Bert VermeulenClean up annotation output.
2013-11-27 Bert VermeulenRearrange protocol decoder output levels.
2013-11-19 Uwe HermannFix a bunch of compiler warnings.
2013-11-17 Bert VermeulenReduce reliance on globals
2013-11-17 Bert VermeulenRefactor main source into separate files