2014-11-22 Joel HoldsworthTimeMarker: Fixed display of negative value in popup
2014-11-22 Joel HoldsworthCheck LIMIT_SAMPLES and SAMPLERATE are available to...
2014-11-22 Joel HoldsworthSamplingBar: Reduced indentation in update_sample_count...
2014-11-22 Joel HoldsworthMainWindow: Include device/file name in window title
2014-11-22 Joel HoldsworthUpgraded cotire to 1.6.6
2014-11-22 Joel HoldsworthRenamed C++ headers to .hpp
2014-11-22 Joel HoldsworthMake member variable underscores a suffix instead of...
2014-11-21 Uwe HermannFix build on MinGW (boost thread related).
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Added group/ungroup key-combos
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthMarginWidget: Removed unused geometry_updated signal
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Added on_ungroup method
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Added group command
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthTraceGroup: Added ungroup method
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthView: Create trace groups from channel groups
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthTraceGroup: Implemented stacking
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthRowItemOwner: Added depth() method
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthRowItemOwner: Replaced parent notification scheme
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthRowItem: Split appart visual and layout v offsets
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthTraceGroup: Implemented paint_label
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthTraceGroup: Added ungroup item
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthView: Removed normalize_layout
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthRowItem: Replaced fixed signal heights with extents
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthRowItem: Derrive from std::enable_shared_from_this
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Keep a shared_ptr of the clicked item
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Moved drag functionality into SelectableItem
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthSelectableItem: Fix documentation
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Fixed dragging glitches
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Only allow dragging if all traces share a commo...
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Remove snap-to-grid behaviour
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthView: Replaced signals_changed handler with signals_upd...
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthRowItem: Combined appearance change signals into appear...
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthTraceGroup: Implemented label_rect
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthHeader, Viewport: Don't manually invoke on_signals_chan...
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthUse iterators to traverse signals
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthRowItem: Make label_rect a const function
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthView: Removed selected_items
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthAdded pv::view::RowItemIterator
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthSigSession: Converted _signals_mutex into a boost:...
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthSigSession: Added signals_mutex(), and made signals...
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthTraceGroup: Added skeleton
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Handle RowItems that do not create a context...
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Allow RowItems to have no popup
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthView: Keep a list of owned traces in RowItemOwner
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthRowItem: Added owner accessor function
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthReplace View ownership of traces with RowItemOwner
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthAdded RowItemOwner
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthTrace: Renamed get_colour() to colour()
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthTrace: Renamed get_name() to name()
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthRowItem: Renamed get_v_offset to v_offset
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthRefactored common row functionality into RowItem
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthDecodeTrace: Removed set_view
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthReplaced duplicated code with Trace::get_y
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthView: Simplified get_traces
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthView: Replace compare_trace_v_offsets with a lambda
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthTrace: Removed pt_in_label_rect
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthTrace: Correct shape of label_rect
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthTrace: Renamed get_label_rect to label_rect
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Fixed mouse over coordinates
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthDecodeTrace: Combined together get_pixels_offset with...
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthDecodeTrace: Tidied up get_sample_range
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthTrace: Converted on_hover_point_changed signal to direc...
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthDecodeTrace: Simplified and reduced calls to View
2014-11-18 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Make tool tips use mapToGlobal() of the...
2014-11-18 Soeren ApelView: Added viewport() accessor method
2014-11-14 Soeren ApelFix bug #477 by keeping track of visible rows, not...
2014-11-13 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Provide tool tips for annotations
2014-11-13 Soeren ApelTrace: Introduce hover_point_changed()
2014-11-13 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Refactor sample helpers and simplify metho...
2014-11-13 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Turn row_height and text_height into class...
2014-11-13 Soeren ApelUpdate description for Trace::get_label_rect()
2014-11-13 Peter ZotovSamplingBar: Add Space as a shortcut to Run/Stop.
2014-11-13 Peter Zotov.gitignore: Ignore QtCreator generated files.
2014-11-13 Peter ZotovView: Update view on capture state change
2014-11-13 Peter ZotovLogicSignal: Ported triggers to new API
2014-11-13 Joel HoldsworthSigSession: Added DeviceManager accessor functions
2014-11-13 Joel HoldsworthSigSession: Made _sr_session non-static
2014-11-13 Joel Holdsworth.gitignore: Ignore vim .swo files
2014-11-13 Joel HoldsworthStoreSession: Removed commented code
2014-11-13 Joel HoldsworthSigSession: Renamed get_device to device
2014-11-13 Joel HoldsworthSignal: Added a reference to _session
2014-11-13 Joel HoldsworthSigSession: Replaced do { } while(0) with { }
2014-11-13 Peter ZotovLogicSignal: Replaced TRUE/FALSE with true/false
2014-11-13 Peter ZotovLogicSignal: Tidied populate_popup_form is_checked
2014-11-13 Peter ZotovLogicSignal: Removed trailing whitespace
2014-11-13 Martin LingReimplement file save using the srzip output module.
2014-11-10 Tom FeistChange Glib::Variant<uint64_t> to Glib::Variant<guint64>.
2014-11-09 Soeren ApelReplace map by list to preserve device order
2014-11-09 Soeren ApelFix bug #285 by handling device display names through...
2014-11-09 Soeren ApelFix device removal in DeviceManager::driver_scan()
2014-11-08 Uwe HermannCMakeLists.txt: Fix MinGW-w64 build issue related to...
2014-11-08 Uwe HermannCMakeLists.txt: Fix CMAKE_MODULE_PATH related issue.
2014-11-02 Uwe HermannUse <cstdlib> for std::abs() on integer datatypes.
2014-11-02 Elias OenalLinking QtSvg. This closes bug #369
2014-10-31 Uwe Hermannandroid: Don't install unneeded Python files.
2014-10-31 Uwe HermannAdd missing <cmath> #includes.
2014-10-23 Uwe HermannINSTALL: Clarify requirements.
2014-10-19 Uwe Hermanntest/CMakeLists.txt: Update file list.
2014-10-19 Marcus ComstedtUpdate android build after bindings rewrite
2014-10-15 Martin LingUse libsigrok C++ bindings (patch version 7).
2014-10-08 Angus GrattonFix double-free issue in File::create