2015-01-06 Joel HoldsworthMainBar: Renamed from SamplingBar
2015-01-06 Joel Holdsworthicons: Added menu icon
2015-01-05 Joel HoldsworthSamplingBar: Handle a failure to list the LIMIT_SAMPLES key
2015-01-05 Joel HoldsworthSamplingBar: Handle a failure to list the SAMPLERATE key
2015-01-04 Aurelien JacobsConnect: List available serial ports in a combobox.
2015-01-01 Joel Holdsworthicons: Resized icons to 24x24
2015-01-01 Joel Holdsworthutil: Fixed assertion
2015-01-01 Uwe HermannUse <cmath> in favor of <math.h> everywhere.
2015-01-01 Uwe HermannFix an isnan() issue on (at least) MinGW and Mac OS X.
2014-12-30 Joel HoldsworthViewport: Mouse wheel scrolls vertically when the contr...
2014-12-30 Joel HoldsworthView: Added set_v_offset
2014-12-30 Joel HoldsworthView: Use the slider value for the v-offset
2014-12-30 Joel HoldsworthCursorPair: Added frequency indication
2014-12-30 Joel Holdsworthutil: Added a space between the value and prefix
2014-12-30 Joel Holdsworthutil: Added support for more SI prefixes
2014-12-30 Joel Holdsworthutil: Added format_si_value
2014-12-30 Joel HoldsworthViewport: Removed broken using std::isnan
2014-12-30 Uwe HermannMinGW: Fix a compile error due to missing std::isnan.
2014-12-29 Uffe Jakobsendialogs::Connect: Adds shortcut keys for "Driver",...
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewport: Implemented item hover cursors
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Fixed glitching when drag is within the...
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewport: Implemented on-canvas drag
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewport: Use fabs instead of branch
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Moved in event and touch_event
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Added mouse_down
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Renamed dragging_ to item_dragging_
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Moved in mouse handlers
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewItem: Added hit_box_rect
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Moved in drag_items
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthView: Removed signals_moved signals
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Moved in unified accept_drag
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthAdded ViewWidget as a common ancestor of all view widgets
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthMarginWidget: Moved in mouseMoveEvent
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthMarginWidget: Moved in mouseReleaseEvent
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthMarginWidget: Moved in keyPressEvent
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthMarginWidget: Moved in mousePressEvent
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthMarginWidget: Moved in clear_selection
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthMarginWidget: Moved in contextMenuEvent
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthMarginWidget: Added pure-virtual get_mouse_over_item
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthMarginWidget: Added item() method
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthRuler: Make get_mouse_over_item return shared_ptr<ViewItem>
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Make get_mouse_over_item return shared_ptr...
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthMarginWidget: Moved in leaveEvent
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthMarginWidget: Moved mouse_down_item_ in
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthMarginWidget: Moved in create_popup
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewItem: Use drag_point() with drag_by()
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthRowItem: Fix y-offset in point()
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewItem: Added rect parameter to point()
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthFlag: Added context menu
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthRuler: Added context menu support
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthRuler: Factored out get_mouse_over_item
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthCursor: Don't draw cursors over each other when they...
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Renamed get_mouse_over_row_item to get_mouse_ov...
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthCursorPair: Simplified label_rect
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthRuler: Removed Padding
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthTimeMarker: Simplified label_rect
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthViewItem: Moved in LabelPadding
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthCursorPair: Moved in ViewportFillColour
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthTimeMarker: Removed Offset
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthRuler: Removed BaselineOffset
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthRuler: Made HoverArrowSize proportional to text size
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthRuler: Make RulerHeight proportional to text size
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthReplaced use of QFontMetrics::boundingRect with height...
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthRuler: Removed text_height_
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthDecodeTrace: Removed text_height_
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthViewItem: Moved in paint_label
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthRuler: Recombined with CursorHeader
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthCursorPair: Set font before calling compute_text_size
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthViewItem: Make HighlightRadius truly a radius
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthFlag: Added delete key support
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthCursorHeader: Hit test time items from front to back
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthFlag: Added flag time markers
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthTimeMarker: Replaced time_changed signal with View...
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthTimeMarker: Fixed position of set_time function
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthRowItemOwner: Renamed appearance_changed to row_item_ap...
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthCursorPair: Paint with ViewItem::paint_fore/paint_back
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthViewItemPaintParams: Fixed height()
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthViewItemPaintParams: Added vertical layout information
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthViewItem: Moved in paint_fore, paint_mid and paint_back
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthRowItemPaintParams: Renamed to ViewItemPaintParams
2014-12-28 Joel HoldsworthSelectableItem: Renamed to ViewItem
2014-12-20 Joel HoldsworthCursorHeader: Made drag position pixel perfect
2014-12-20 Joel HoldsworthView: Fixed naming of View::RowItem{H,V}ExtentsChanged
2014-12-15 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Fixed trace labels spilling onto the canvas
2014-12-13 Joel HoldsworthWellArray: Renamed to avoid namespace collissions,...
2014-12-13 Soeren ApelView: Fix #515 by fixing typo and extent handling
2014-12-13 Soeren ApelRowItem: Fixed v_extents initial conditions
2014-12-13 Soeren ApelView: Fix #513 by scrolling 1/8th the view height per...
2014-12-13 Soeren ApelSamplingBar: Use DeviceManager::get_display_name()...
2014-12-13 Joel HoldsworthDeviceManager: Minor tidyup in build_display_name
2014-12-13 Joel HoldsworthDeviceManager: Use boost::algorithm::string::join to...
2014-12-12 Soeren ApelDeviceManager: Introduce full device names
2014-12-12 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Correct row calculation/tooltip position...
2014-12-10 Uwe Hermanntest/CMakeLists.txt: Add missing #includes.
2014-12-10 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Remove hide_hover_annotation() as it's...
2014-12-10 Joel HoldsworthMarginWidget: Moved in dragging_, mouse_point_, and...
2014-12-10 Joel HoldsworthCursorHeader: Paint by the labels by the time item...
2014-12-10 Joel HoldsworthView: Added CursorPair to time_items list
2014-12-10 Joel HoldsworthTimeItem: Made paint_label a mandatory field
2014-12-10 Joel HoldsworthCursorPair: Draw highlight when selected