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2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthViewport: Anti-alias time items, but not row items
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthView: Place non-grouped logic channels in a TraceGroup
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Moved update() call into ViewItem
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthAnalogSignal: Apply scale handle dragging
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthLogicSignal: Apply scale handle dragging
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthScaleSignalHandle: Initial implementation
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Added drag-handling support for non-TraceTr...
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Added drag-handling support for non-TraceTreeItems
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthViewItem: Make hit_box_rect take ViewItemPaintParams
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthLogicSignal: Replaced SignalMargin with half font-height
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Hit-test items in reverse order
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthViewItem: Added a default label_rect implementation
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthSignal: Added scale_handle_offset, scale_handle_dragged...
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthViewport: Render all types of RowItem
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthTraceTreeItem: Update when selection state changes
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthViewItem: Make select virtual
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthViewItem: Make drag_release virtual
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthViewItem: Make paint_label optional
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthSignal: Derive from ViewItemOwner
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthTraceTreeItemOwner: Removed non-const item_list accessor
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthAdded ViewItemOwner
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthRowItemIterator: Removed usage of RowItem::owner()
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthSession: Removed signals_mutex(), and made signals...
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthLogicSignal: Call TriggerStage::begin with matches...
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthTraceTreeItem: Added valid owner assert to drag_by
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthUse list_by_type instead of iterator
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthReduce include bloat by including boost/thread/{locks...
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthView: Moved in list_row_item_owners
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthView: Use list_by_type to get TraceTreeItems
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthHeader: Use list_by_type in on_ungroup
2015-10-18 Joel HoldsworthTraceTreeItemOwner: Make list_by_type return a vector...
2015-10-17 Joel HoldsworthTraceTreeItemOwner: Moved list_by_type template definit...
2015-10-17 Joel HoldsworthRowItem: Moved hover_point_changed in
2015-10-17 Joel HoldsworthViewItem: Make a create_popup optional
2015-10-17 Joel HoldsworthTraceTreeItem: Separated from RowItem
2015-10-17 Joel HoldsworthViewItemPaintParams: Added missing include
2015-10-17 Joel HoldsworthAnalogSignal: Removed set_scale
2015-10-07 Joel HoldsworthViewItemPaintParams: Fixed header guard
2015-10-07 Joel HoldsworthRowItem: Corrected header guard
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserRuler: Don't use a function that is only available...
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserRuler: Prevent ticks from disappearing at high zoom...
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserViewItem: Adjust the threshold between dark and light...
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserViewport: Don't draw the cursors and markers antialiased
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserRuler: Don't draw the tick marks antialiased
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserUntangle the time formatting functions a bit
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserView: Do not emit superfluous signals in a loop
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserView: Change the type of tick_period to pv::util::Timestamp
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserRuler: Factor out the calculation of the tick spacing
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserRuler: Fix tick mark calculation
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserUse typesafe enum classes in pv::util
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserAdd a spin box widget for timestamp values
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserUse a type with a greater resolution to represent time...
2015-08-25 Soeren ApelRuler scale calculation optimization
2015-08-25 Soeren ApelFix wrong ruler scale after loading a file
2015-08-25 Soeren ApelFix #510 by disabling removal of the last decoder from...
2015-08-25 Soeren ApelProvide short-term fix for #627 by limiting zoom range...
2015-08-16 Soeren ApelView: Allow ScaleUnits[0] to actually be used
2015-08-16 Soeren ApelView: Use max time to calculate label length, not offset_
2015-08-16 Soeren ApelView/Ruler: Calculate and use tick precision
2015-08-16 Soeren ApelView: Separate data changed/capture state changed events
2015-08-16 Soeren ApelView: Determine time unit and use it in other classes
2015-08-16 Soeren ApelIntroduce time units
2015-07-25 Uwe HermannMinor whitespace fixes.
2015-07-24 Soeren ApelImplement "always zoom to fit" feature
2015-07-23 Soeren ApelFix #121 by implementing sticky scrolling
2015-06-30 Joel HoldsworthView: Update signals without destroying layout
2015-06-30 Joel HoldsworthRowItemOwner: Added list_by_type
2015-06-30 Joel HoldsworthRowItemOwner: Added list_row_item_owners
2015-06-27 Soeren ApelSignal: Fix index variable declaration
2015-06-27 Soeren ApelFix #501 by deactivating the autocompleter for the...
2015-06-27 Soeren ApelView: Use more reasonable default time scale
2015-06-11 Joel HoldsworthView: Support having no selected device
2015-06-11 Joel HoldsworthReplaced NULL with nullptr
2015-05-28 Joel HoldsworthUse device::Devices to represent sigrok Devices
2015-05-28 Joel HoldsworthLogicSignal: Tidied up forward declarations
2015-05-28 Joel HoldsworthLogicSignal: Added set_logic_data
2015-05-28 Joel HoldsworthSignalData: Renamed get_max_sample_count
2015-05-28 Joel HoldsworthSession: Store signals_ in an unordered_set
2015-02-27 Vladislav Ivanovwin32: Fix the Windows build (namespace pollution via...
2015-01-27 Joel HoldsworthModified header guards to match file names
2015-01-27 Joel HoldsworthRenamed pv::binding::DeviceOptions and DecoderOptions...
2015-01-27 Joel HoldsworthMoved pv::prop:bindings classes into pv::bindings namespace
2015-01-27 Joel HoldsworthLogicSignal: Hide the trigger selector, when there...
2015-01-27 Joel HoldsworthLogicSignal: Check the TRIGGER_MATCH key before listing
2015-01-17 Uwe HermannUpdate for libsigrokcxx rename.
2015-01-01 Uwe HermannUse <cmath> in favor of <math.h> everywhere.
2015-01-01 Uwe HermannFix an isnan() issue on (at least) MinGW and Mac OS X.
2014-12-30 Joel HoldsworthViewport: Mouse wheel scrolls vertically when the contr...
2014-12-30 Joel HoldsworthView: Added set_v_offset
2014-12-30 Joel HoldsworthView: Use the slider value for the v-offset
2014-12-30 Joel HoldsworthCursorPair: Added frequency indication
2014-12-30 Joel HoldsworthViewport: Removed broken using std::isnan
2014-12-30 Uwe HermannMinGW: Fix a compile error due to missing std::isnan.
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewport: Implemented item hover cursors
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Fixed glitching when drag is within the...
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewport: Implemented on-canvas drag
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewport: Use fabs instead of branch
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Moved in event and touch_event
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Added mouse_down
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Renamed dragging_ to item_dragging_