AnalogSignal: Make threshold neutral area darker
[pulseview.git] / pv / prop / property.hpp
2017-03-30 Uwe Hermannbinding/prop: Add a description field.
2017-03-28 Uwe HermannUse alphabetical order for #includes.
2017-03-23 Uwe HermannConsistenty use auto-generated namespace comments.
2017-03-18 Uwe HermannDon't use std:: in the code directly (where possible).
2017-01-07 Gerhard Sittiglicense: remove FSF postal address from boiler plate...
2015-11-03 Daniel ElstnerSuppress warnings from glibmm about deprecated auto_ptr
2015-01-27 Joel HoldsworthModified header guards to match file names
2015-01-17 Uwe HermannFix incorrect glibmm.h #includes.
2014-11-22 Joel HoldsworthRenamed C++ headers to .hpp