Add generic "Create marker here" context menu entry
[pulseview.git] / contrib /
2018-05-07 Soeren ApelInstaller: Add debug shortcut for -l 5
2017-06-11 Uwe HermannRename sigrok-logo-notext.ico to pulseview.ico.
2017-06-05 Uwe HermannInstaller: Whitespace consistency fixes.
2017-06-05 Soeren ApelInstaller: Rename Examples.lnk
2017-06-05 Soeren ApelInstaller: Remove examples start menu entry when uninst...
2017-06-04 Uwe HermannInstaller: Add "PulseView" to uninstaller/Zadig links.
2017-06-04 Soeren ApelInstaller: Place set of example .sr files in separate...
2017-06-04 Soeren ApelInstaller: Update icon cache also after uninstallation
2017-06-04 Soeren ApelInstaller: Force icon cache refresh
2017-06-03 Soeren ApelFix #964 by adding an option to register the .sr extens...
2017-02-17 Uwe Use Python 3.4 (Windows XP...
2017-02-02 Uwe Bump Python version to 3.6.
2017-01-07 Gerhard Sittiglicense: remove FSF postal address from boiler plate...
2015-10-03 Daniel Elstnerwindows: Install data files into share subdirectory
2015-09-04 Daniel ElstnerBuild: Substitute build configuration into NSIS script