Initial build fixes for Windows/MinGW.
[pulseview.git] / CMakeLists.txt
2012-10-11 Uwe HermannInitial build fixes for Windows/MinGW.
2012-10-10 Uwe HermannBump libsigrok dependency to >= 0.2.0.
2012-09-09 Joel HoldsworthRemoved OpenGL from pv::view::Viewport
2012-09-09 Joel HoldsworthInitial work moving ruler into the pv::view::Ruler...
2012-09-09 Joel HoldsworthInitial work moving headers into the pv::view::Header...
2012-09-07 Joel HoldsworthMoved view classes into the pv::view:: namespace
2012-09-06 Joel HoldsworthAdd initial scrolling support with a QAbstractScrollArea
2012-09-04 Joel HoldsworthRenamed SigView to SigViewport
2012-09-03 Joel HoldsworthRenamed sigrok-qt2 to PulseView
2012-09-03 Joel HoldsworthAdded subsampling for fast lookup
2012-09-03 Joel HoldsworthInitial tests for LogicDataSnapshot
2012-09-03 Joel HoldsworthAdded empty unit testing framework
2012-09-03 Joel HoldsworthReplaced mainwindow.ui XML with code
2012-09-03 Joel HoldsworthAdded empty SamplingBar object
2012-09-03 Joel HoldsworthFleshed out data model
2012-09-03 Joel HoldsworthAdded a dependency on boost
2012-09-03 Joel HoldsworthAdded session file open support
2012-09-03 Joel HoldsworthCreated a CMake build environment