2019-11-29 Gerhard Sittiguart: communicate periods of idle frames to stacked...
2019-11-28 Uwe Hermannsignature: Fix license metadata field to match
2019-11-28 Uwe Hermannsignature: Use more human-readable option values.
2019-11-28 Uwe Hermannsignature: Minor consistency fixes.
2019-11-28 Uwe Hermannsignature: Add self.reset().
2019-11-28 sharowAdd decoder: signature analysis
2019-11-24 Gerhard Sittiggpib: drop obscure "total number of samples" option
2019-11-24 Gerhard Sittigdecoder: accept skip count 0 (onewire_link, usb_signalling)
2019-11-24 Gerhard Sittigdecoder: internal 'always false' term, handle invalid...
2019-11-24 Uwe Hermanntdm_audio: Place each channel on its own annotation...
2019-11-24 Ben Dookstdm_audio: Add initial decoder
2019-11-24 Uwe Hermannamulet_ascii: Drop unneeded rxtx_channels.
2019-11-24 Uwe Hermannamulet_ascii: Drop a few unneeded parenthesis.
2019-11-24 Vesa-Pekka... Initial Amulet LCD ASCII PD
2019-11-23 Uwe HermannFix three -fsanitize=undefined issues.
2019-11-23 Uwe HermannAvoid using Py_IncRef/Py_DecRef for consistency.
2019-11-23 Uwe Hermannsrd_inst_option_set(): Fix multiple memory leaks.
2019-11-23 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Use None for unsupported features.
2019-11-23 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Minor fixes for Atmel AT25 chips.
2019-11-20 Soeren Apelspiflash: Add support for Atmel AT25xxx
2019-11-19 Uwe HermannFix multiple PyObject_SetAttrString() related leaks.
2019-11-16 Uwe Hermanncondition_list_free(): Fix a memory leak.
2019-11-12 Uwe Hermannuart: Add [rx|tx]_packet_len options.
2019-11-12 Uwe Hermannuart: Add [rx|tx]_packet_delimiter options.
2019-11-12 Uwe Add support for Python 3.8.
2019-11-09 Uwe Hermanneeprom93xx: Use fixed-width hex output.
2019-11-09 Uwe Hermanneeprom93xx: Add OUTPUT_BINARY support.
2019-11-06 Uwe Hermannseven_segment: Simplify two code snippets.
2019-11-06 Benedikt Ottoseven_segment: Initial commit.
2019-11-05 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Add "EEPROM" to descriptions.
2019-11-05 Uwe Hermanncan: Mention CAN-FD support in the description.
2019-10-06 Uwe Hermanncan: Factor out dlc2len().
2019-10-06 Uwe Hermanncan: Random whitespace and cosmetic fixes.
2019-10-06 Stephan Thielecan: introduce fast bitrate
2019-10-06 stephan.thielecan: proper annotation on CAN-FD extended frames
2019-10-06 stephan.thielecan: add basic CAN-FD handling of non BRS extended...
2019-10-06 Stephan Thielecan: make PD temporary compatible to existing tests
2019-10-06 Stephan Thielecan: correct decoding of CRC-21
2019-09-13 Stephan Thielecan: decode CAN-FD DLC
2019-09-13 Stephan Thielecan: display CRC type + correct decoding of CRC-17
2019-09-13 Stephan Thielecan: implement decoding of CAN-FD header when FDF bit...
2019-09-13 Stephan Thielecan: implement basic CAN-FD decoding (SRR and FDF bits)
2019-08-29 Sylvain Pelissiereeprom93xx: Add ascii format support
2019-08-23 Uwe Hermannmrf24j40: Add TX retries/fails and CCAFAIL support.
2019-08-06 Uwe Hermannmrf24j40: Add RX/TX frame annotations.
2019-07-06 Uwe Hermannpca9571: Shorten names a bit.
2019-07-05 Mickael BoschAdd an NXP PCA9571 decoder.
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannmodbus: Make the 'framegap' option an integer.
2019-06-30 Andrew Gregorymodbus: Make C->S and S->C configurable, add framegap...
2019-06-30 Pierre Poulainsdcard_spi: Add "Card is busy" annotations for CMD24.
2019-06-30 Pierre Poulainsdcard_spi: Fix incorrect handling of CMD17.
2019-06-20 Stefan Brünsusb_request: Allow configuration of BULK IN transfer...
2019-06-20 Stefan Brünsusb_request: Use separate annotation rows for IN, OUT...
2019-06-17 Stefan Brünsusb_request: Fix some decoding errors
2019-05-14 Uwe Hermannenc28j60: Rename self.ann to self.out_ann.
2019-05-14 Uwe Hermannenc28j60: Shorten various self.put*() calls.
2019-05-14 Uwe Hermannenc28j60: Factor out self.putr().
2019-05-14 Uwe Hermannenc28j60: Factor out self.putc().
2019-05-14 Uwe Hermannenc28j60: Use the common ss/es abbreviations.
2019-05-14 Uwe Hermannenc28j60: Clear 'outputs' (no OUTPUT_PYTHON support).
2019-05-14 Uwe Hermannenc28j60: Factor out command list to
2019-05-14 Uwe Hermannenc28j60: Shorten ANN_* list a bit.
2019-05-14 Uwe Hermannenc28j60: Add 'tags' field.
2019-05-14 Jiahao Lienc28j60: Implements decoder for ENC28J60 SPI Ethernet...
2019-04-30 Uwe Hermannatsha204a: Mention other potentially supported devices.
2019-04-30 Uwe Hermannatsha204a: Mention ATECC508A support in docs.
2019-04-30 Uwe Hermannatsha204a: Minor indentation fixes.
2019-04-30 Michalis Pappasatsha204a: Only call output_tx_bytes() when the bytes...
2019-04-30 Michalis Pappasatsha204a: Display OtherData parameter correctly when...
2019-04-30 Michalis Pappasatsha204a: Add support for ATECC508A
2019-04-24 Uwe HermannNEWS: Fix two typos.
2019-04-24 Uwe Hermannspi: Fix annotation row ordering.
2019-04-24 Uwe Hermannspi: Don't emit bogus "transfer" items.
2019-04-24 Uwe Hermannspi: Add support for "transfer" annotations.
2019-04-19 Uwe Hermanncc1101: Use namedtuple to increase readability a bit.
2019-04-18 Uwe Hermanncc1101: Remove 0x prefixes and unneeded quotation marks.
2019-04-18 Uwe Hermanncc1101: Shorten decode_register() to decode_reg().
2019-04-18 Uwe Hermanncc1101: Simplify decode_command().
2019-04-18 Uwe Hermanncc1101: Simplify format_command().
2019-04-18 Uwe Hermanncc1101: Factor out and simplify ANN_* names.
2019-04-18 MarcoAdd a TI CC1101 decoder.
2019-04-15 Uwe Hermannsdcard_spi: Fix duplicated 'End bit' annotation emission.
2019-04-15 Uwe Hermannsdcard_spi: Fix incorrect annotation row indices.
2019-04-15 Uwe Hermannsdcard_spi: handle_data_response(): Shorten a few lines.
2019-04-15 Uwe Hermannsdcard_spi: handle_data_response(): Add comment, cosmetics.
2019-04-15 Uwe Hermannsdcard_spi: Fix some abbreviations and names to match...
2019-04-14 Gerhard Sittigsdcard_spi: touch up CMD24 handling
2019-04-14 Pierre Poulainsdcard_spi: add support for CMD24 including payload...
2019-04-02 Uwe Hermannsrd_inst_stack(): Warn upon potentially incorrect stacking.
2019-04-02 Uwe Hermanndecoders: Fix incorrect 'outputs' fields.
2019-03-28 Uwe Hermannds2408: Add missing tags.
2019-03-28 Mariusz Bialonczykadd a Maxim DS2408 decoder
2019-03-28 Mariusz Bialonczykonewire_network: add a 'Disable Test Mode' command...
2019-03-28 Mariusz Bialonczykonewire_network: add a missing 'Resume ROM' command
2019-03-16 Uwe Hermanndecoders: Various cosmetic/consistency/typo fixes.
2019-03-14 Uwe HermannHACKING: Document current tags and their intention...
2019-03-14 Uwe Hermanndecoders: Add/update tags for each PD.
2019-03-13 Soeren ApelAdd PD tags handling and some tags
2019-01-29 Uwe Hermannjtag_ejtag: Shorten a variable name.
2019-01-29 Ryan JarvisRename values that shadow built-in keywords