2016-12-07 Uwe Hermannonewire_link: Convert to PD API version 3.
2016-12-07 Uwe Hermannjtag: Convert to PD API version 3.
2016-12-07 Uwe Hermannjitter: Convert to PD API version 3.
2016-12-07 Uwe Hermannir_nec: Convert to PD API version 3.
2016-12-07 Uwe Hermanni2s: Convert to PD API version 3.
2016-12-07 Uwe Hermanni2c: Convert to PD API version 3.
2016-12-07 Uwe Hermannguess_bitrate: Convert to PD API version 3.
2016-12-07 Uwe Hermanndcf77: Convert to PD API version 3.
2016-12-07 Uwe Hermannaud: Convert to PD API version 3.
2016-12-07 Uwe Hermannam230x: Convert to PD API version 3.
2016-12-07 Uwe HermannAdd support for the new query-based PD v3 decoder API.
2016-12-06 Gerhard Sittigrepo mgmt: git ignore compiled Python bytecode files
2016-12-06 Gerhard Sittigbuild support: sort list of installed items, factor...
2016-12-06 Karl Palssonvalgrind: free channels
2016-12-06 Karl Palssonvalgrind: safely iterate lists
2016-11-07 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Major refactoring and annotation improvements.
2016-11-07 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Use OrderedDict for cmds, more readable annot...
2016-11-07 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Initial RDSR2 implementation (incomplete).
2016-11-07 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Implement WRSR command.
2016-11-07 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Add FIDELIX FM25Q32 metadata.
2016-11-06 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Remove hardcoded Macronix references.
2016-11-06 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Implement Release Power-down / Device ID...
2016-11-04 Uwe Hermannps2: Add more detailed per-bit annotations.
2016-11-04 Uwe Hermannps2: Neither the clock nor the data pin is optional.
2016-11-04 Daniel SchulteAdd initial version of PS/2 decoder
2016-11-02 Gerhard SittigPrint error messages when decoders fail load time checks
2016-11-02 Gerhard Sittig.gitattributes: introduce git attributes for improved...
2016-10-23 Uwe Hermannspi: Fix binary output for wordsizes > 8.
2016-10-23 Uwe Hermannuart: Default to hex format datavalue annotations.
2016-10-23 Uwe Hermannuart: Emit 2 bytes for 9-bit UART binary output.
2016-10-19 Gerhard Sittiguart: skip frames with invalid start bits
2016-10-19 Gerhard Sittiguart: rework text formatting of communicated data value...
2016-10-19 Gerhard Sittiguart: minor nit, rename the "databyte" variable
2016-10-12 Rudolf ReuterAdd an initial GPIB decoder.
2016-09-24 Uwe Hermannmidi: Add missing copyright lines.
2016-09-24 Uwe Hermannmidi: Random cosmetic cleanups.
2016-09-24 Uwe Hermannmidi: Simplify some boolean tests.
2016-09-24 Uwe Hermannmidi: Use "is" or "is not" with None.
2016-09-24 Uwe Hermannusb_request: Use "is" or "is not" with None.
2016-09-24 Chrismidi: Add support for complex MIDI message formats...
2016-09-24 Chrismidi: chromatic_notes in was off by 1 octave
2016-09-24 Uwe Hermannuart: Fix a bug in the output for stacked PDs.
2016-09-04 Uwe Hermannmidi: Some annotation consistency changes.
2016-09-04 ChrisUpdates each annotation with multiple strings ranging...
2016-08-26 Uwe Hermannusb_power_delivery: Drop problematic exception in us2sa...
2016-08-25 Uwe Hermannsrd_inst_decode(): Return SRD_ERR_ARG if unitsize is 0.
2016-08-25 Uwe Hermannsrd_inst_decode(): Make the code API version dependent.
2016-08-25 Uwe HermannFactor out srd_decoder_apiver().
2016-08-25 Uwe Hermannsrd_inst_decode(): Improve comments and log messages.
2016-08-25 Uwe Hermannsrd_session_send(): Improve Doxygen comments.
2016-08-23 Uwe Hermannssi32: Slightly more descriptive naming.
2016-08-23 Chris Drehermidi: Substantially improve decoding of MIDI messages.
2016-08-21 Uwe Hermannssi32: Minor cosmetics, add full license header (for...
2016-08-21 Oleksij RempelAdd Bosch SSI32 protocol decoder.
2016-07-06 cbdevAdd a DMX512 protocol decoder
2016-06-28 Uwe Hermanntiming: Add frequency and averaging support.
2016-06-22 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Add a 'format' option.
2016-06-22 Angus Grattonspiflash: Perf tweak: Build handler lookup table once...
2016-06-22 Angus Grattonspiflash: Handle "Fast Read Dual I/O"
2016-06-22 Angus Grattonspiflash: Handle CS# transitions, allow variable-length...
2016-05-26 Uwe HermannConsistency renames of {ss,es}_ variables.
2016-05-25 Uwe HermannMove common/ directory into decoders/.
2016-05-18 Benjamin LarssonAdd decoder for em4305 RFID protocol
2016-05-15 Uwe HermannUse consistent __init__() format across all PDs.
2016-05-11 Uwe Hermannusb_request: Drop hardcoded samplerate.
2016-05-11 Stefan BrünsSupply metadata to stacked decoders
2016-05-11 Uwe Hermannwiegand: Make bitwidth_ms option values integer (not...
2016-05-11 Sean BurfordAdd wiegand decoder.
2016-05-09 Uwe HermannConsistently use ' instead of " for strings in all...
2016-05-09 Uwe HermannFactor out SD card lists into common/sdcard.
2016-05-05 Uwe HermannFactor out bcd2int() into common/srdhelper.
2016-05-05 Uwe HermannHave one subdirectory per module in common/ as well.
2016-05-04 Bert VermeulenMove constants out of xfp to common/plugtrx.
2016-05-04 Bert VermeulenAdd common directory for shared modules.
2016-05-04 Uwe Hermannmdio: Add 'TURNAROUND' long/full annotation.
2016-05-04 Uwe Hermannmdio: Factor out self.putff().
2016-05-04 Elias OenalAdd an MDIO protocol decoder.
2016-04-27 Uwe HermannDrop mdio decoder (to be replaced with another implemen...
2016-04-20 Uwe Hermannpwm: Use self.{ss,es}_block for consistency across...
2016-04-20 Uwe Hermanntiming: Use self.samplenum for consistency across PDs.
2016-03-20 fenugrecAdd initial Renesas Advanced User Debugger (AUD) decoder.
2016-03-04 Uwe Hermannem4100/t55xx: Fix accidentally broken wording in licens...
2016-03-04 Uwe HermannFix various incorrect PD license metadata fields.
2016-03-03 Uwe HermannAdd an rgb_led_ws281x decoder.
2016-03-03 Benjamin LarssonAdd decoder for the t55xx RFID protocol
2016-03-03 Uwe Bump package version to 0.5.0.
2016-01-29 Uwe HermannBump libtool version (not package version) to 3:0:0.
2016-01-29 Uwe HermannNEWS: Update for upcoming 0.4.0 release.
2016-01-28 Martijn van... Also check for Python 3.5.
2016-01-28 Daniel Thompsonuart: Optimize handling of samples when tx and rx are...
2016-01-28 Petteri Aimonenarm_itm: Use objdump instead of addr2line.
2015-12-25 Uwe Hermannusb_power_delivery: Raise SamplerateError instead of...
2015-12-24 Uwe HermannUse self.out_binary naming consistently across all...
2015-12-24 Uwe HermannUse a Python list (not tuple) for OUT_BINARY.
2015-12-23 Uwe HermannDrop obsolete support for annotation tuples (only suppo...
2015-12-18 Uwe Hermannem4100: Simplify the code a bit.
2015-12-18 Uwe Hermannem4100: Use ss/es naming for consistency across PDs.
2015-12-18 Uwe Hermannem4100: Eliminate some unnecessary int()s.
2015-12-18 Uwe Hermannem4100: Change annotation setup a bit, decode more...
2015-12-18 Benjamin LarssonAdd RFID EM4100 protocol decoding