2013-12-18 Bert Vermeulenruntc: Output binary as ASCII timestamp/class/hex bytes...
2013-12-15 Bert Vermeulenruntc: Make sure to compile against this library
2013-12-13 Bert Vermeuleni2c: Add Python tests.
2013-12-13 Bert Vermeulenpdtest/runtc: Add support for Python output types.
2013-12-13 Bert VermeulenSend SRD_OUTPUT_PYTHON to registered callbacks as well.
2013-12-13 Bert VermeulenPrune dead code.
2013-12-13 Bert Vermeuleni2c: Avoid obsolete method.
2013-12-13 Bert VermeulenNo need to mess with method reference counts.
2013-12-12 Bert Vermeuleni2c: Add binary tests.
2013-12-12 Bert Vermeulenpdtest/runtc: Add support for binary output types.
2013-12-12 Bert Vermeulenpdtest: Add -f option to automatically fix failing...
2013-12-12 Bert Vermeulenruntc: Add support for binary output.
2013-12-11 Bert VermeulenUse new binary class definition format.
2013-12-11 Bert VermeulenBinary classes are now defined as (name, description).
2013-12-11 Bert VermeulenEasier access to sequences of strings, not just lists.
2013-12-11 Bert Vermeulenruntc: Return errorcode according to testcase result.
2013-12-11 Bert Vermeulenpdtest: Use -dd to turn on SR/SRD debugging.
2013-12-11 Bert Vermeulencheck: Make sure to test this set of decoders, not...
2013-12-11 Bert VermeulenLoad decoders from all search paths, not just the default.
2013-12-11 Bert VermeulenClear decoder list after unloading, not just at exit.
2013-12-11 Bert Vermeulenruntc: Make sure to test this set of decoders, not...
2013-12-11 Bert Vermeulenpdtest: Don't bother with diff if any error at all...
2013-12-11 Bert Vermeulenpdtest: Add option for custom sigrok-dumps repository...
2013-12-11 Bert Vermeulenpdtest: Always sanity-check all testcases.
2013-12-11 Bert VermeulenClean up runtc build.
2013-12-10 Bert VermeulenAdd protocol decoder testing framework.
2013-12-10 Bert VermeulenAPI clarification.
2013-12-10 Bert VermeulenFix 'dist' make target.
2013-12-09 Bert VermeulenAvoid GError warning when unloading decoders.
2013-12-09 Bert VermeulenSupport DESTDIR on install targets.
2013-12-04 Uwe Hermannparallel: start(): Drop obsoleted metadata parameter.
2013-12-03 Uwe Hermannuart: Display non-ASCII characters properly.
2013-11-29 Bert VermeulenPython 3.2 and portability fixes.
2013-11-27 Bert VermeulenClean up autoconf leftover configuration.
2013-11-27 Bert Vermeulenedid: Make sure to install the vendor list.
2013-11-27 Bert VermeulenAutomate protocol decoder installation.
2013-11-26 Bert VermeulenRemove 64-probe limit.
2013-11-19 Uwe HermannAdd a missing #include.
2013-11-18 Bert VermeulenTurn off excessive logging
2013-11-18 Bert VermeulenRemove unreasonable test
2013-11-18 Bert VermeulenFix inverted condition on doc check
2013-11-18 Bert VermeulenDon't try to load an already-loaded module
2013-11-18 Bert VermeulenDon't decrease borrowed reference to probe definition...
2013-11-18 Bert VermeulenFix inverted condition on decoder check
2013-11-18 Bert VermeulenCheck library initialization before handling decoders
2013-11-18 Bert VermeulenClean up prototypes
2013-11-17 Bert VermeulenBetter error checking on session metadata
2013-11-16 Bert VermeulenOnly instance-related functionality remains, rename...
2013-11-16 Bert VermeulenMove initialization/shutdown into srd.c
2013-11-16 Bert VermeulenMove session-specific functionality into session.c
2013-11-16 Bert VermeulenMinor cleanup
2013-11-15 Bert VermeulenMove versioning info out to separate header
2013-11-15 Bert VermeulenUse OUTPUT_BINARY with four classes.
2013-11-15 Bert VermeulenImplement OUTPUT_BINARY
2013-11-15 Bert VermeulenDrop obsolete report() method.
2013-11-15 Bert VermeulenDrop outdated report: this should be handled by a frontend.
2013-11-15 Bert VermeulenUse the new Decoder.register() API
2013-11-15 Bert VermeulenEmit meta bitrate
2013-11-15 Bert VermeulenEmit meta bitrate
2013-11-15 Bert VermeulenPrune dead code
2013-11-15 Bert VermeulenImplement OUTPUT_META
2013-11-14 Bert VermeulenSplit annotation-specific output to another struct
2013-11-07 Bert VermeulenMinor code cleanup
2013-11-07 Bert VermeulenRename inter-PD output type to SRD_OUTPUT_PYTHON
2013-10-31 Uwe Hermannunittests: Update to recent API changes.
2013-10-30 Bert VermeulenThe start() method no longer takes a metadata parameter
2013-10-30 Bert VermeulenReceive samplerate via metadata(), not start()
2013-10-30 Bert VermeulenPass metadata to PDs only at runtime, not at decoder...
2013-10-30 Bert VermeulenDocumentation and coding style fixes
2013-10-25 Uwe HermannAdd a 'guess_bitrate' protocol decoder.
2013-10-24 Uwe Hermanncontroller.c: Add checks for srd_inst_option_set().
2013-10-24 Uwe Hermanntestsuite: Add some decoder instance related tests.
2013-10-21 Uwe Hermannparallel: Limit number of probes to 8 for now.
2013-10-20 Uwe Hermannsession: Add some more parameter checks, minor other...
2013-10-20 Uwe Hermanntestsuite: Add a few session related unit tests.
2013-10-20 Uwe HermannAdd initial sync parallel bus decoder.
2013-10-17 Bert VermeulenReport invalid module name on decoder load
2013-10-17 Uwe Hermanntestsuite: Add a few more unit tests.
2013-10-17 Uwe HermannMinor cosmetics, typos, Doxygen updates/fixes.
2013-10-17 Bert VermeulenAvoid clobbering class variables when setting instance...
2013-10-17 Bert VermeulenDon't release borrowed reference
2013-10-17 Uwe Hermann.gitignore: Add some missing entries.
2013-10-16 Uwe Hermanntestsuite: Add some basic tests for loading PDs.
2013-10-16 Uwe HermannAdd a testsuite for libsigrokdecode.
2013-10-16 Bert VermeulenProperly return error on exception in srd_inst_option_set()
2013-10-14 Bert VermeulenMove all decoder instances and callbacks into a session...
2013-10-14 Bert VermeulenCode cleanup
2013-10-13 Uwe Hermanni2s_dump: Fix bug in the WAV output format generation.
2013-10-13 Uwe HermannAdd new i2s_dump protocol decoder.
2013-10-13 Uwe Hermanntlc5620: Output short/long annotations.
2013-10-13 Uwe Hermanntlc5620: Use annotation types.
2013-10-13 Uwe Hermannlpc: Initial start-/end-sample support.
2013-10-13 Uwe Hermannlpc: Use annotation types.
2013-10-13 Uwe Hermannlpc: Make the RESET# pin optional.
2013-10-13 Uwe Hermannlpc: Fix handling of optional probes.
2013-10-13 Uwe Hermannlpc: Add annotation helper method.
2013-10-10 Uwe Hermannusb_signalling: Drop packet handling.
2013-10-10 Uwe Hermannusb_packet: Major rewrite, e.g. to prepare for GUI...
2013-10-10 Uwe HermannRename usb_protocol to usb_packet.
2013-10-10 Uwe Hermannusb_signalling: Document protocol output format.