2014-10-13 Uwe HermannAll PDs: Only import the 'Decoder' object.
2014-10-12 Uwe Hermannam230x: Factor out handle_byte() to simplify state...
2014-10-12 Uwe Hermannswd: Drop unnecessary debug code.
2014-10-12 Angus Grattonswd: Add SWD protocol decoder for ARM Serial Wire Debug...
2014-10-12 Uwe Hermannam230x: Minor documentation fix.
2014-10-12 Uwe Hermannam230x: Use slightly more liberal timing values.
2014-10-12 Uwe Hermannam230x: Change option to 'device' to allow for more...
2014-10-12 Uwe Hermannam230x: Fix self.reset() method name.
2014-10-12 Uwe Hermannam230x: Minor cosmetics.
2014-10-12 Johannes RömerAdd decoder for AM230x digital humidity and temperature...
2014-09-15 Uwe HermannReplace ann_format with ann_class.
2014-09-15 Uwe Hermannsdcard_spi/usb_packet: Drop unused variables.
2014-09-15 David Barksdaleuart: Implement signal inversion
2014-09-10 Uwe HermannFix out-of-tree build of the unit tests.
2014-09-10 Uwe HermannVarious PDs: Whitespace, cosmetics.
2014-09-10 Uwe Hermannrfm12: Cosmetics.
2014-09-08 Uwe Hermannrfm12: Frequencies: Fix typo (915MHz), add 315MHz entry.
2014-09-08 Uwe Hermannrfm12: Avoid using the Python 'range' keyword as variable.
2014-09-08 Uwe Hermannrfm12: Drop debug printing.
2014-09-07 Sławek PiotrowskiRFM12 decoder
2014-09-01 Uwe HermannPD tests moved into the sigrok-test repo.
2014-08-29 Uwe Hermannspdif: Simplify get_pulse_type() a bit.
2014-08-29 Uwe Hermannspdif: Use strings for decoder states.
2014-08-29 Uwe Hermannspdif: Add another annotation helper.
2014-08-29 Uwe Hermannspdif: Refactor and reduce nesting level.
2014-08-29 Guenther WenningerAdd initial S/PDIF decoder.
2014-08-16 Uwe Hermannds1307: Warn about (and ignore) non-DS1307 traffic.
2014-08-16 Uwe Hermannds1307: Correctly handle address wrap-around.
2014-08-16 Uwe Hermannds1307: Refactoring and cleanups.
2014-08-16 Uwe Hermannds1307: Handle SRAM register accesses.
2014-08-16 Uwe Hermannds1307: Handle register 0x07 (control register).
2014-08-16 Uwe Hermannds1307: Emit per-bit annotations for registers.
2014-08-16 Uwe Use AM_CFLAGS instead of CFLAGS.
2014-08-16 Uwe Hermanntca6408a: Cosmetics.
2014-08-14 alberinkAdd decoder for TCA6408A I2C I/O expanders.
2014-08-14 Uwe Hermanntests: Factor out srdtest_setup() / srdtest_teardown().
2014-08-14 Uwe HermannWhitespace and consistency fixes.
2014-08-14 Uwe Hermannpdtests: Check for SamplerateError in all PDs that...
2014-08-14 Uwe Hermannparallel: Enforce that at least one pin must be provided.
2014-08-14 Uwe Hermannspi/nrf24l01/uart: Use ChannelError exception.
2014-08-03 Jens Steinhausernrf24l01: prettify annotation output
2014-07-30 Uwe Hermanntests/pdtest: Small fix to make it work with Python...
2014-07-30 Uwe Hermanntests/check_session.c: Fix compiler warning.
2014-07-22 Uwe HermannDrop references to obsolete sigrok-commits mailing...
2014-07-20 Uwe Hermannruntc: Update to the new libsigrok session API.
2014-07-20 Uwe HermannFix incorrect doxygen comment for srd_decoder_list().
2014-07-15 Uwe HermannAll PDs: Minor whitespace and consistency fixes.
2014-07-09 Uwe Hermannuart/i2cfilter: Don't check multiple-choice options.
2014-07-09 Uwe HermannVarious PDs: Minor consistency fixes.
2014-07-09 Uwe HermannVarious PDs: Throw SamplerateError instead of Exception.
2014-07-09 Uwe HermannAll PDs: Drop unneeded exceptions.
2014-07-08 Jens SteinhauserAdd nRF24L01(+) protocol decoder.
2014-07-08 Jens Steinhauserspi: Fix order of MISO/MOSI data items.
2014-07-08 Bert Vermeulenpdtest: Use new exception output.
2014-07-08 Bert VermeulenMake exception output more predictable.
2014-07-08 Marcus ComstedtRemove dependency on Python.h from public API header
2014-07-08 Marcus Comstedtruntc: Fix incorrect include directive
2014-07-08 Marcus Comstedtsrd_decoder_load_all_path: Support zipimport paths
2014-06-27 Bert Vermeulenspi: Add coverage tests for all exceptions.
2014-06-27 Bert Vermeulenspi: Add coverage tests for all mosi/miso and lsb/msb...
2014-06-27 Bert Vermeulenspi: Refactor for more coverage, and remove dead code.
2014-06-26 Bert Vermeulenruntc: PD option value is a GVariant, not string.
2014-06-24 Bert Vermeulenpdtest: Generate report regardless of verbose mode.
2014-06-24 Bert Vermeulenedid: Add another test, covering more code in the PD.
2014-06-24 Bert Vermeulenpdtest: Generate a report listing missed lines across...
2014-06-23 Bert Vermeuleni2c: Generate proper exception for missing samplerate...
2014-06-23 Bert Vermeulenpdtest/runtc: Support for output type 'exception'.
2014-06-15 Mike Frysingerdo not add check to common cflags/libs
2014-06-15 Mike Frysingerfix test operator
2014-05-23 Kumar Abhishekruntc.c: Fix compiler warning
2014-05-23 Kumar Abhisheklibsigrokdecode: Fix make -j issue with build_runtc
2014-05-09 Abhishek KumarAdd python as a pkg-config dependency
2014-05-06 Uwe Bump package version to 0.3.0.
2014-05-06 Uwe Bump libtool/library version from 1:0...
2014-05-06 Uwe HermannBump libsigrok (optional) dependency to 0.3.0.
2014-05-06 Uwe HermannNEWS: Add list of user-visible changes so far.
2014-05-04 Uwe Add HACKING to the tarball.
2014-05-04 Uwe HermannOnly load and use PDs of API version 2.
2014-05-04 Uwe HermannREADME: Document python3-coverage requirement for tests.
2014-05-04 Uwe HermannFix 'make install' on OSes where 'python3' doesn't...
2014-05-04 Uwe HermannHACKING: Update to current conventions.
2014-05-04 Uwe HermannMark some variables more consistently as SRD_PRIV.
2014-05-04 Uwe Hermannlog.c: Avoid using the same name for a variable and...
2014-05-04 Uwe HermannUpdate a few Doxygen @since tags.
2014-05-04 Uwe Hermannlibsigrokdecode.h: Give type names to all enumerations.
2014-05-03 Uwe Hermanntools/install-decoders: Minor consistency fix.
2014-05-03 Uwe HermannMove srd_check_init() to decoder.c and make it static.
2014-05-03 Uwe HermannMake 'pd_list' static, it's only used in one file.
2014-05-03 Uwe HermannMake the srd_Decoder type private.
2014-05-03 Uwe Hermannsrd.c: Fix typo to avoid Doxygen output for srd_check_i...
2014-05-03 Uwe HermannDoxygen: Don't parse anything in tests/ or doxy/.
2014-05-03 Uwe Hermanndoxygen: Updated Doxyfile to doxygen 1.8.6.
2014-05-03 Uwe HermannDon't define names ending with _t (POSIX reserved).
2014-05-03 Uwe Hermannedid: s/annotation type/annotation class/.
2014-05-03 Uwe Hermanntests/check_session.c: Use UINT64_MAX.
2014-04-24 Bert VermeulenDetect Python 3.4 if not installed as "python3".
2014-04-15 Uwe Hermanninstance.c: s/probe/channel/.
2014-04-15 Uwe HermannAll PDs: More consistent OUTPUT_PYTHON format docs.
2014-04-15 Uwe Hermannsdcard_spi: Avoid duplicate keys in a Python dict.
2014-04-15 Uwe HermannAll PDs: Bump api_version to 2.