util: silence printf format compiler warnings (Python ssize_t)
[libsigrokdecode.git] / srd.c
2022-08-21 Gerhard Sittigsrd: add support for SIGROKDECODE_PATH environment...
2022-08-21 Gerhard Sittigsrd: add TODO comment on the SIGROKDECODE_DIR env var...
2021-06-16 Gerhard Sittigdoc: update IRC reference to Libera.Chat
2018-10-21 Jon BurgessFix memory leak in print_searchpaths()
2018-10-21 Jon BurgessFix bad memory accesses during srd_exit()
2018-10-16 Uwe HermannUpdate a few Doxygen @since tags.
2018-10-06 Uwe Hermannsrd.c: Fix a compiler warning with gcc 8.
2018-08-30 Uwe Hermannsrd_exit(): Fix a -Wcast-function-type compiler warning.
2018-05-17 Uwe HermannAdd srd_searchpaths_get() API docs.
2018-05-17 Uwe HermannRandom whitespace/cosmetic/consistency fixes.
2018-03-18 Uwe Hermannprint_searchpaths(): Print decoder and system search...
2018-03-17 Soeren ApelFix part of #1128 by adding a way to retrieve PD search...
2017-09-22 Uwe Hermannsrd_init(): Print list of decoder search paths in debug...
2017-07-06 Uwe HermannFix a unit test.
2017-06-30 Uwe HermannAcquire/release the Python GIL where needed to avoid...
2017-05-26 Uwe HermannShow lib versions in the debug output.
2016-12-06 Karl Palssonvalgrind: safely iterate lists
2016-05-25 Uwe HermannMove common/ directory into decoders/.
2016-05-04 Bert VermeulenAdd common directory for shared modules.
2015-12-07 Marcus Comstedtinit: Don't let Python override signal handlers
2015-10-03 Daniel Elstnerinit: Also look for decoders in XDG data directories
2015-10-03 Daniel Elstnerinit: Simplify srd_decoder_searchpath_add()
2015-09-13 Daniel ElstnerBuild: Include <config.h> first in all source files
2015-03-31 Uwe HermannUse g_malloc*() consistently, simplify error handling.
2014-07-22 Uwe HermannDrop references to obsolete sigrok-commits mailing...
2014-07-08 Marcus ComstedtRemove dependency on Python.h from public API header
2014-05-04 Uwe HermannMark some variables more consistently as SRD_PRIV.
2014-05-03 Uwe HermannMove srd_check_init() to decoder.c and make it static.
2014-05-03 Uwe HermannMake 'pd_list' static, it's only used in one file.
2014-05-03 Uwe Hermannsrd.c: Fix typo to avoid Doxygen output for srd_check_i...
2014-01-30 Uwe HermannFix warnings exposed by -Wmissing-prototypes.
2013-12-11 Bert VermeulenLoad decoders from all search paths, not just the default.
2013-12-11 Bert VermeulenClear decoder list after unloading, not just at exit.
2013-11-18 Bert VermeulenCheck library initialization before handling decoders
2013-11-16 Bert VermeulenMove initialization/shutdown into srd.c