Fix incorrect doxygen comment for srd_decoder_list().
[libsigrokdecode.git] / instance.c
2014-07-08 Marcus ComstedtRemove dependency on Python.h from public API header
2014-05-04 Uwe HermannMark some variables more consistently as SRD_PRIV.
2014-05-04 Uwe HermannUpdate a few Doxygen @since tags.
2014-04-15 Uwe Hermanninstance.c: s/probe/channel/.
2014-04-14 Bert Vermeulendebug: Log unitsize when configuring channel map.
2014-04-13 Uwe HermannRename 'probe' to 'channel' everywhere.
2014-03-11 Joel HoldsworthFixed g_variant_get_double copy-paste error
2014-03-09 Bert VermeulenChange PD options to be a tuple of dictionaries.
2014-02-24 Daniel ElstnerMake the data unit size configurable
2014-01-30 Uwe Hermannsrd_inst_probe_set_all: Error out upon missing required...
2013-12-10 Bert VermeulenAPI clarification.
2013-11-26 Bert VermeulenRemove 64-probe limit.
2013-11-16 Bert VermeulenOnly instance-related functionality remains, rename...