ir_nec: optionally accept input signals that include the carrier
[libsigrokdecode.git] / decoders / ir_nec /
2018-02-15 Gerhard Sittigir_nec: optionally accept input signals that include...
2017-12-22 Gerhard Sittigall decoders: introduce a reset() method
2017-12-17 Grant Millerir_nec: Make timing margin relative
2017-06-05 Uwe HermannAdd srd_inst_initial_pins_set_all() and support code.
2017-01-07 Gerhard Sittiglicense: remove FSF postal address from boiler plate...
2016-12-07 Uwe Hermannir_nec: Convert to PD API version 3.
2016-05-15 Uwe HermannUse consistent __init__() format across all PDs.
2014-07-15 Uwe HermannAll PDs: Minor whitespace and consistency fixes.
2014-07-09 Uwe HermannVarious PDs: Throw SamplerateError instead of Exception.
2014-07-09 Uwe HermannAll PDs: Drop unneeded exceptions.
2014-04-15 Uwe HermannAll PDs: Bump api_version to 2.
2014-04-15 Uwe HermannAll PDs: Drop some unneeded comments.
2014-04-13 Uwe HermannRename 'probe' to 'channel' everywhere.
2014-03-10 Uwe Hermannir_nec: Update to recent PD API changes.
2014-03-10 Uwe Hermannir_nec: Add support for higher-level remote control...
2014-03-10 Uwe Hermannir_nec: Addresses and commands are transmitted LSB...
2014-03-10 Uwe Hermannir_nec: Add support for more fields.
2014-03-10 Uwe Hermannir_nec: Drop some unneeded options.
2014-03-10 Uwe HermannRename 'ir_nec6122' PD to 'ir_nec', minor fixes and...