Use libtool's -no-undefined option.
[libsigrokdecode.git] /
2015-04-03 Uwe Use libtool's -no-undefined option.
2015-03-31 Uwe Hermannunit tests: Drop unneeded check_ filename prefix.
2014-09-10 Uwe HermannFix out-of-tree build of the unit tests.
2014-09-01 Uwe HermannPD tests moved into the sigrok-test repo.
2014-08-16 Uwe Use AM_CFLAGS instead of CFLAGS.
2014-05-23 Kumar Abhisheklibsigrokdecode: Fix make -j issue with build_runtc
2014-05-04 Uwe Add HACKING to the tarball.
2014-05-04 Uwe HermannFix 'make install' on OSes where 'python3' doesn't...
2014-04-13 Uwe HermannSwitch to a non-recursive automake setup.
2014-01-28 Uwe HermannFix out-of-tree build.
2013-12-11 Bert VermeulenClean up runtc build.
2013-12-10 Bert VermeulenAdd protocol decoder testing framework.
2013-12-10 Bert VermeulenFix 'dist' make target.
2013-12-09 Bert VermeulenSupport DESTDIR on install targets.
2013-11-27 Bert VermeulenAutomate protocol decoder installation.
2013-11-16 Bert VermeulenOnly instance-related functionality remains, rename...
2013-11-16 Bert VermeulenMove initialization/shutdown into srd.c
2013-11-16 Bert VermeulenMove session-specific functionality into session.c
2013-11-16 Bert VermeulenMinor cleanup
2013-11-15 Bert VermeulenMove versioning info out to separate header
2013-10-16 Uwe HermannAdd a testsuite for libsigrokdecode.
2013-05-04 Uwe HermannAdd srd_strerror() and srd_strerror_name().
2013-05-03 Uwe HermannMain header is <libsigrokdecode/libsigrokdecode.h>...
2013-04-23 Uwe HermannGPL headers: Use correct project name.
2013-02-09 Uwe HermannAdd contrib/sigrok-logo-notext.png.
2013-01-12 Uwe Fix typo in 'ChangeLog' target.
2012-05-29 Uwe Hermannsr/srd/cli/gtk: ChangeLog -> MAINTAINERCLEANFILES.
2012-04-15 Uwe Hermannsrd: Add functions to query srd version(s).
2012-03-31 Uwe Hermannsr/srd: Fix 'make distcheck'.
2012-03-31 Uwe Hermannsrd: Generate ChangeLog from git upon 'make dist'.
2012-03-31 Uwe Hermannsrd: SRD_PACKAGE_VERSION_* for consistency.
2012-01-23 Bert Vermeulensrd: add python exception catcher, which routes to...
2012-01-15 Bert Vermeulenmove sigrokdecode.Decoder type to its own source file
2012-01-05 Bert Vermeulennew srd_logic type implementation for PDs to iterate...
2012-01-04 Uwe Hermannsr/srd: Add Doxyfile to the tarball.
2012-01-03 Uwe Hermannsrd: Fix version number magic.
2012-01-03 Uwe HermannPut most autotools files into autostuff/.
2011-12-30 Uwe Hermannsr/srd: Remove/fix non-applicable autotools stuff.
2011-12-22 Uwe Hermannsrd: Add logging framework.
2011-12-04 Bert Vermeulenrefactored PD framework, now using new sigrok.Decoder...
2011-04-03 Uwe HermannRevert temporary changes for 0.2 release.
2011-04-03 Uwe HermannDisable some stuff which should not be in 0.2.
2011-02-04 Uwe HermannRevert FIRMWARE_DIR / DECODERS_DIR method for now.
2011-01-23 Uwe Fix firmware/decoders dir variables.
2011-01-23 Uwe HermannIntroduce proper libtool versioning for the libs.
2011-01-19 Uwe HermannRe-enable stuff we temporarily disabled for 0.1.
2011-01-19 Uwe HermannDisable decoders and session CLI options for 0.1.
2011-01-19 Uwe HermannDon't install libs and headers in the 0.1 release.
2011-01-15 Uwe HermannCLI: Support for running protocol decoders.
2011-01-10 Uwe HermannRename the scripts/ directory to decoders/.
2010-05-11 Uwe Hermannpkg-config: Add libsigrokdecode.pc.
2010-04-02 Uwe HermannStart of code base layout restructuring.