scpi_usbtmc_libusb: Retry if a Bulk-IN request starts with an empty packet
[libsigrok.git] / src / hardware / serial-dmm / protocol.h
2019-06-13 Gerhard Sittigserial-dmm: add support for default connections (USB...
2019-06-13 Gerhard Sittigserial-dmm: fixup 'conn' vs 'serialcomm' confusion
2019-06-09 Gerhard Sittigserial-dmm: drop obsolete redundant 'baudrate' paramete...
2018-10-02 Gerhard Sittigserial-dmm: introduce support for subdriver specific...
2018-02-18 Gerhard Sittigserial-dmm, metex14: add support for multiple channels...
2017-07-21 Uwe Hermanndrivers: Drop unneeded or duplicate comments.
2016-08-29 Uwe HermannRemove some unneeded double-spaces.
2016-06-17 Uwe Hermannserial-dmm: Convert to SR_DF_ANALOG.
2016-05-09 Lars-Peter Clausenserial-dmm: Use software limit helpers
2016-04-29 Uwe Hermanndev_acquisition_{start,stop}(): Drop duplicate 'cb_data...
2015-11-08 Uwe HermannConstify a lot more items.
2015-10-20 Uwe HermannSR_DF_ANALOG_OLD and sr_datafeed_analog_old renames.
2015-03-21 Uwe Hermannserial-dmm: Drop obsolete extern declaration.
2015-03-21 Martin Lingserial-dmm: Declare each meter type in only one place.
2015-03-20 Uwe HermannAdd initial Voltcraft VC-870 support.
2015-02-27 Baruch Evenserial-dmm: Add MASTECH MS8250B as a supported DMM.
2014-11-02 Uwe HermannBrymen BM25x: Drop unneeded _ser/_SER suffix.
2014-10-25 Uwe HermannAdd support for the UNI-T UT71x series (aka Voltcraft...
2014-08-01 Janne HuttunenImplement Brymen BM25x series as a serial DMM.
2014-07-22 Bert VermeulenReorganize project tree.