Bug 1099 - Discussion about possible future feature additions/changes
Summary: Discussion about possible future feature additions/changes
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Product: PulseView
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Component: Acquisition (show other bugs)
Version: unreleased development snapshot
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Reported: 2017-12-28 19:36 CET by Brian
Modified: 2017-12-28 19:36 CET (History)
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Description Brian 2017-12-28 19:36:21 CET
This is technically not a bug report, except that there are additions and changes I would like to see addressed, and possibly help address myself.
It would be desirable to me that pulseview become my go-to software in using my various logic analyzers.  For this to happen it needs to have the following features:

1. The moment of triggering should be declared time zero, even with the pre-trigger capture ratio not set to zero.  I understand that some may prefer the way it works now, so this could be another option in the settings dialog.  This option likely has a very simple implementation.

2. Repetitive triggering, like a typical oscilloscope works.  It should have a UI enable, and possibly an "auto" mode, also working like the typical oscilloscope.  Also, there should be a configurable retrigger holdoff time.  This should be a modest project, mostly in the UI additions.

3. Particularly for repetitive triggering, the view point time should not automatically be changed following each capture, so that it is possible for the operator to be concurrently repositioning the view point time while successive captures occur.  I believe that the existing options are fully compatible with this mode, so long as they survive the addition of repetitive triggering.

4. In support of item 3, the display should not go away when the trigger is rearmed.  I suspect the best way to accomplish this is to adopt double-buffering so that capture and display can be decoupled.  I don't have a good feel for the complexity of this change, but I think it is well worth while.

5. Of lesser urgency, more complex multi-step triggering options.

All of these changes should be completely general, not inherently affecting any specific devices.  They should also be appropriate for the oscilloscope devices, since there is no real difference between a logic analyzer and an oscilloscope, other than the format of the data collected, and its display.

If there is a document addressing future project plans, I would like to be directed to it.  I would also like to contribute to this work in some way.