Thu Sep 20 2018 12:22:04 CEST
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10 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1031 libseria Port enu nobody CONF --- Invalid memory access in wc_to_utf8() Wed 15:32
1079 libseria Other nobody CONF --- get_root_hub_name bug in windows.c Wed 15:33
1056 PulseVie Data dis nobody CONF --- Trackpad gestures and zooming behave very, very poorly 19:21:24
1281 PulseVie Build sy nobody CONF --- Build fails with glib 2.58.0 on macOS Sun 22:36
950 libsigro Input: r nobody IN_P --- raw_analog input loses precision upon import 03:53:09
955 sigrok-c Other nobody RESO INVA Analog data must be processed via sr_analog_to_float() 03:56:53
1270 PulseVie Protocol nobody RESO FIXE Channel name auto-assignment should treat _ and - as being equal Tue 23:27
1277 libsigro API nobody RESO FIXE sr_packet_copy() and sr_packet_free() are private. Tue 23:57
1279 libsigro Driver: nobody RESO FIXE Driver samples wrong channels! Tue 23:57
1282 PulseVie UI nobody RESO DUPL slow UI response at certain zoom levels, touchpad control 19:21:47
10 bugs found.