Wed Oct 17 2018 11:12:23 CEST
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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1302 sigrok-m Other nobody CONF --- wrong channel count, wrong value with Brymen BM86x Thu 11:49
1303 sigrok-m Other nobody CONF --- excess "precision" for displayed values shown Thu 12:00
1304 sigrok-u Build sy nobody CONF --- qt@5.5 formula has been removed from homebrew-core Thu 13:51
1305 PulseVie UI nobody CONF --- QT 5.10.1 and 5.11.2 breaks device list updates on MacOS Thu 18:02
1307 libsigro Driver: nobody CONF --- incomplete support for frame limit Fri 19:07
1308 libsigro PD: i2cd nobody CONF --- i2cdemux does not work Fri 23:45
1309 PulseVie Protocol nobody CONF --- PulseView should show protocol decoder documentation/help Fri 23:54
1310 PulseVie Other nobody CONF --- Crash when config_get of a driver returns SR_ERR_NA Sat 23:03
1311 PulseVie Document nobody CONF --- markup may be incorrect where tilde is used in free flow text Sun 17:33
1312 PulseVie UI nobody CONF --- Pulseview should scream in GUI when it can't find fx2lafw firmware files it wants to flash Sun 23:04
1313 libsigro Common: nobody CONF --- USB data not fully returned. Mon 07:54
1314 PulseVie Portabil nobody CONF --- Lookup paths for msvcr100.dll do not include C:\Windows\SysWOW64 11:12:06
1300 sigrok-u Util: si nobody RESO FIXE AppImage: relative paths for e.g. -i and -o are not working correctly Thu 23:19
1301 PulseVie Acquisit nobody RESO DUPL PulseView segfaults when trying to capture 50M or more samples with dslogic+ Thu 12:47
1306 libsigro Input: v nobody RESO FIXE Incorrect reset of input device vcd Sat 15:28
15 bugs found.