sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw 0.1.3 released!

We're happy to announce the sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw 0.1.3 release. This is an open-source firmware that allows you to use any of the popular Cypress FX2 based devices as logic analyzers.

The source code and pre-built firmware files are available from the usual place:

This release doesn't contain any functionality changes in the firmware per se. There have been some minor documentation updates, and some not-so-minor build system improvements (thanks to Daniel Elstner!), though. The NEWS file contains some more details.

The most important change is probably the addition of two new firmware files for FX2-based devices which have the new "official" sigrok/fx2lafw USB VID/PID pairs in their I²C EEPROM:

  • 1D50:608C: fx2lafw-sigrok-fx2-8ch.fw
  • 1D50:608D: fx2lafw-sigrok-fx2-16ch.fw

These two VID/PID pairs are available for devices that use a Cypress FX2(LP) chip directly as 8-channel or 16-channel logic analyzer, and use the respective USB-based protocol. They are not meant for other devices which just happen to also have an FX2 (e.g. in addition to an FPGA) and/or devices that use a different USB-based protocol.

The USB VID/PIDs are allocated for sigrok/fx2lafw via the awesome "Open registry for community / homebrew USB Product IDs" service of the Openmoko project.

The new firmware files require the soon-to-be-released libsigrok >= 0.4.0 (or current git HEAD). The Windows sigrok-cli installer and PulseView installer (nightly builds) we provide already include these firmware files and a libsigrok version that is new enough.