Hung-Chang DSO-2100 supported

We're happy to announce that libsigrok now supports another PC oscilloscope, the Hung-Chang DSO-2100 (also sold under different brand names such as Voltcraft or Protek).

This is a 1999-era parallel-port based device with 30MHz analog bandwidth and 100MS/s samplerate.

The hardware (see also PCB shots) is somewhat non-trivial, it uses a QuickLogic FPGA, an Analog Devices DSP/microcontroller, some SRAM and Harris/Intersil ADCs. It also has some other properties or quirks you might be interested in.

The driver was contributed by Daniel Glöckner, thanks a lot!

Since this is the first parallel-port device in libsigrok, the build system also gained detection support for libieee1284, a cross-platform parallel port access library that the driver uses.