libsigrok  0.4.0
sigrok hardware access and backend library
src Directory Reference
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directory  input
directory  modbus
directory  output
directory  scale
directory  transform


file  analog.c [code]
 Handling and converting analog data.
file  backend.c [code]
 Initializing and shutting down libsigrok.
file  device.c [code]
 Device handling in libsigrok.
file  error.c [code]
 Error handling in libsigrok.
file  hwdriver.c [code]
 Hardware driver handling in libsigrok.
file  log.c [code]
 Controlling the libsigrok message logging functionality.
file  resource.c [code]
 Access to resource files.
file  scpi.h [code]
file  serial.c [code]
 Serial port handling.
file  session.c [code]
 Creating, using, or destroying libsigrok sessions.
file  session_file.c [code]
 Loading and saving libsigrok session files.
file  strutil.c [code]
 Helper functions for handling or converting libsigrok-related strings.
file  trigger.c [code]
 Creating, using, or destroying triggers.
file  version.c [code]
 Version number querying functions, definitions, and macros.