sigrok-java  0.4.0
Java bindings for libsigrok
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org.sigrok.core.classes.Capability Class Reference

Configuration capability. More...

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Static Public Attributes

static final Capability GET
 Value can be read. More...
static final Capability SET
 Value can be written. More...
static final Capability LIST
 Possible values can be enumerated. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from org.sigrok.core.classes.EnumValueCapability
int id ()
 The integer constant associated with this value. More...
String name ()
 The name associated with this value. More...

Detailed Description

Configuration capability.

Member Data Documentation

final Capability org.sigrok.core.classes.Capability.GET

Value can be read.

final Capability org.sigrok.core.classes.Capability.SET

Value can be written.

final Capability org.sigrok.core.classes.Capability.LIST

Possible values can be enumerated.