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Java bindings for libsigrok
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org.sigrok.core.classes.LogLevel Class Reference

Log verbosity level. More...

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Static Public Attributes

static final LogLevel NONE
 Output no messages at all. More...
static final LogLevel ERR
 Output error messages. More...
static final LogLevel WARN
 Output warnings. More...
static final LogLevel INFO
 Output informational messages. More...
static final LogLevel DBG
 Output debug messages. More...
static final LogLevel SPEW
 Output very noisy debug messages. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from org.sigrok.core.classes.EnumValueLogLevel
int id ()
 The integer constant associated with this value. More...
String name ()
 The name associated with this value. More...

Detailed Description

Log verbosity level.

Member Data Documentation

final LogLevel org.sigrok.core.classes.LogLevel.NONE

Output no messages at all.

final LogLevel org.sigrok.core.classes.LogLevel.ERR

Output error messages.

final LogLevel org.sigrok.core.classes.LogLevel.WARN

Output warnings.

final LogLevel org.sigrok.core.classes.LogLevel.INFO

Output informational messages.

final LogLevel org.sigrok.core.classes.LogLevel.DBG

Output debug messages.

final LogLevel org.sigrok.core.classes.LogLevel.SPEW

Output very noisy debug messages.